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Which Stretch routine.

Which Stretch routine.

So, I’ve been stretching for a couple months now. My current stretching routine is as follows:
3 sets of 6 o’clock direction stretches
3 sets of 5 o’clock direction stretches
3 sets of 7 o’clock direction stretches
3 sets of 12 o’clock direction stretches

I’ve been wondering if a one set stretch in all directions would be more efficient, for example:
1 set 12 o’clock direction stretch
1 set 1 o’clock direction stretch
1 set 2 o’clock direction stretch
1 set 3 o’clock direction stretch
And so forth

Please note these stretches are all 40 second stretches. Your opinions are always welcome! Also, if none of this makes any sense, let me know. I’m bad at explaining these kind of things.


IMO, the SU, SD, DO, right and left is much more effective and less time consuming than stretches every so many degrees.

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What your were doing appears fine to me.

6-5-7 if you have tight ligs is good. 12 is fine as well, also remember straight infront.

Remember, it isn’t just about the angle. Are you increasing the time you hold the stretches? work-up to 30 seconds, then slowly in increments towards a minute hold in each position.

Now the key for me, the stretch. It is a fine line to walk, but ensure in EVERY position you can feel the stretch at the base of your penis and even in it, but don’t go so hard you feel pain.

Ensure after every stretching session you feel “sore” but no “pain”.

Hope that helps, Good luck.

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Thanks guys, you were a big help.

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