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Where can I find...

Where can I find...

Hi guys, this is my first day and first post for that matter. I’ve been skimming the FAQ and a lot of the newbie posts but I haven’t found a FAQ on the general terminology. I’d like to start practicing these exercises but reading some of these posts is like trying to understand a foreign language :( . Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


I can see what you mean about it being like a foreign language. I find it really interesting but at times feel embarrassed to ask. Its a good thing there are such nice people on here that are willing to help out.

BTW, Welcome to the forum.

I wonder if the hand over hand jelq technique described in the FAQs and elsewhere might be frustrating for some newbies. Here’s an excerpt from the FAQs (Penis Enlargement FAQ):

“…The way to do that is to make an 'OK' sign with your thumb and forefinger and starting at the base of your member, squeeze it as you move your hand towards the glans, forcing the blood toward the glans. As your hand gets to the glans, right behind it, let go while starting your other hand at the base again, and keep alternating your hands.”

When I try that technique I really can’t do it very effectively. I’m just not pulling enough pipe (yet) to get a decent squeeze with each stroke. I wonder if other newbies get discouraged with jelqing because they try that hand over hand method and never get a good pump.

Tom Hubbard’s Explanation (http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…sic/milking.htm) is closer to what works for me. But I usually jelq with one hand and hold my glans with the other hand – as a sort of stabilizer. Most of the time I do sort of “Horse jelqs” that way, where I milk out with one hand as I compress in with the other.

Thanks for the help everyone :) . A lot of these posts are making more sense now. Now I can start the newbie routine.

Final question, how many weeks/months does it usually take before (on average if that applies here) results are noticed?

Hi bandero,

welcome to the great new world of penis enlargement.

I got started 4 months ago and have already gained over 1 inch in length and also more than 1 inch in girth, the latter fact really surprising me. I now measure 7.3” in erect length and 5.8” in erect girth.

I started noticing first results after about two weeks and that was an increase in girth. I continued to especially observe girth gains for two more weeks. Then, after I had been PE-ing for about one month, I also noticed gains in length. My general feeling is that I am gaining girth faster than length.

Greetings, pe_dude


Daily PE routine:

a) 2 min warm-up
b) 180 PC exercises
c) 6 x 1 min straight stretches
d) 400 jelqs
e) 2 min warm-down

+ 2 Vigrx penis enlargement pills ( in morning/evening

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