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Trying to find a thread

Trying to find a thread

Ok I know or hope I am not going crazy. Looking for a thread and can’t find it. I even posted there and can’t find it. If I remember it was in the members pics section. It was in the past 2 weeks. It was a guy who’s friend was trying to sell a hanging device that attached to the penis by suction. There was discussion that the member that invented it was kicked from here. Was really interested in the product and suscribed to it but can’t find it. Any help is appreciated.


Oh and in the title was 79.90 or something.

Originally Posted by memento
Does this link help?

your recent posts

I agree and if you can’t find it the search button will.

No already tried the both of them.maybe on of the mods deleted it?

Could you please PM me Tom’s user name here if that is ok. Would really like to get one of those hangers.


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