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Can't find how to do a kegel

Can't find how to do a kegel

Hi guys, sorry if I’m missing teh obvious, but I cannot find a video of how to do a kegel. I am trying to do teh newbie routine, but can only find the jelk. Thanx in advance.

I think you would need an flexible sigmoidoscopy to actually see a kegel in action. Just go take a leak, stop mid-stream, that’s your basic kegel.

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Knowing which muscles you’re contracting may help. See this.

Suck it up and into your body. Imagine you are trying to draw water up through the tip of your penis(it should draw in towards your body). In the same motion close your bumhole and pull up into your body. At the end of the repitition relax everything or even push out a bit to get everything relaxed.

Sort of related,
How does a ripped PC muscle look like? I think it looks like hump below the balls.

Hey, does anyone have a picture of one?

Yeah, I got to know what I’m shooting for.

If its a well defined hump, than I’m going to start looking at pornstars more closely to see any signs of any male enhancing.


Get a erection, and try to move your penis. (Without touching it of course)

^ Thats a kegel

Think Zoolander laying on the bed at the brain washing place.

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