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When you Stretch/Jelq

When you Stretch/Jelq

do most people use one or two hands when Stretching/Jelqing? i only have 1 hand, from birth. anyhow i stretch with one hand grabbing the head by the tip and pulling towards my chest like DLD says in His DLD blasters, any suggestion for 1 handed stretches?

when jelqing i use the power jelqer, i want to know if its better to use lube when jelqing or without it, and another thing, when jelqing, you start at the base and rise the head should balloon/swell up a little, increase in size right? i sometimes feel tingling when doing this , is that normal/safe?

also one time when i was stretching , i think i did it a little too hard, i felt a sensation i would associate with a tearing feeling, but it was extremely brief and painless, but i never felt that before. is this dangerous?

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SoonToBeHappier, welcome to the forum. I actually do have some ideas for you. I sent you a PM too. On the jelqing I prefer the lubed version, but I really think this has to do with preference. I have never powerjelqed but I do still get that tingling sensation when I finish with a manual session.

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Welcome- You shouldn’t have any problems. I’m sure DLD can help you out.


You may find that stretching over something will help. Some people have used baseball bats across the thighs, stretching the penis over the bat and pulling down. Alternatively use something cylindrical placed between the thighs and stretch over that.

The power jelq may need a little lube but not much.

It is expected that when jelqing the penis expands ahead of the stroke but make sure you are jelqing with a sufficient erection (head for 50-70% erect initially).

There are nerves running close to the surface on the top of the penis. If you abuse these it can result in tingling and loss of sensation in the penis. The marker to look for here is if you find the tingling happens a lot when you are not jelqing. Jelqing should not cause pain, if its pain worry. Otherwise don’t.

This feeling you got when you stretched a little hard, was it a popping sensation? If so don’t worry. Generally your body will respond with pain if you do something bad.

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like i said memento, it was similar to a tearing sensation, it felt like it was at the base of the penis, inside my body, not within the shaft, you know what i mean? it was extremely short, and i was pulling rather hard , harder then normal., nothing to worry bout?

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I suppose its possible that you’ve torn some ligaments slightly, I would expect that to be followed by some pain, it has been when I’ve done it in a leg.

I think pain is a good indicator of whether there is a problem but it might be pain that doesn’t come to the surface immediately or pain that hits you next time your stretch.

I suppose your options are to continue as you are and stop if pain hits, go to see a doctor, or change the angle you stretch at to an upwards angle (this was done with a downward angle right?). If it were me I’d take the first option but I can be fairly stupid sometimes.

Sorry I know thats not much of a response, maybe one of the MD’s on the board will offer a better answer.

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there was no pain following it, and it was a um straight stretch, not downward,

Um Does a Full House beat a Flush?


As far as the powerjelq goes, I prefer to use it without lube. There is less slippage with it this way as you squeeze, apply pressure and pull up the shaft.


>there was no pain following it, and it was a um straight stretch, not downward,

Well pain is a good indicator (excuse the repetition). If you notice any pain then start to worry. The reason I asked about the popping sensation was because some people get ‘lig pops’ and these don’t have accompanying pain and seem to be harmless.


How much excess skin do you have when erect? I would have thought that someone with a tight circumcision cut would find it hard to do the whole shaft without some lube (maybe remnants from a previous session).

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