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When clamping how tight should it be

When clamping how tight should it be

How tight should the clamp be??

Is your penis supposed to change colors. I’ve read that some peoples turns purple/blueish after about 5 min is that a good thing or normal?

Purple/blueish means too tight. That color means your blood is getting deoxygenated and no oxygen means death. Clamp at a pressure where you still have healthy color and also have a huge erection. Start with 5 minute sessions and then go to 10 and eventually 15. As you gain more experience, you will gain more expansion, but don’t try for the max too soon. Take your time and work up to it.


Remember that clamping puts tremendous internal pressure into the penis, and you can get very serious injuries! Thats why you MUST take the time to condition your penis to clamp.

Make sure you study the subject first, then start with a routine similar to what Gprent said. I recommend that you DO NOT clamp till your penis is “rock hard” for several weeks to allow for conditioning.

Rock hard indicates very high internal pressures, so you must make sure you are properly prepared to handle them.

So when clamping you want to have an 100% erection? Also when I don’t set the clamp tight, I will lose my erection quickly and it feels like I’m not get any blood engorged

No you don’t want a 100% erection when you are setting up the clamp. Clamp with something like a 80% erection. It seems odd but you just can’t get the same internal pressure for expansion if you clamp down on a 100% rock hard erection. Even though you are clamping down on a around 80% erection (not fully rock hard erect) you still will achieve pressures and expansion that is greater then your normal erection size.

Check out the threads by drilla9 above and also look at this one —> Question for BIB Re: Extreme Ulis where BIB goes into more detail about what I’m talking about.

BTW, a Extreme ULI is basically the same thing as Clamping but BIB used what he called the “ULI Thing” for his clamping.

Thanks man

Thanks for that link LoveMachine. BIB was an INTENSE PE’er; maybe you have to be to make exponential gains.

Also BIB was very lucky never to get a serious injury, IMO. The part about his corona splitting from Extreme Uli’s, jeez :eek:

edit: that is pretty serious really, I mean functionally though.

Isn’t an extreme uli very intense clamping? I just read through the section on it in the video section and in it is stated that the flow of blood in AND out of the penis is stopped. Is clamping less intense?

Anything preceded with the word 'extreme' is going to be hardcore, so extreme ULIs will be more severe on the penis than regular clamping.

There is of course ‘extreme clamping’ such as double clamps, lengthy sets at very high pressure, bends and squeezes in the clamp etc - again very hardcore and not something I would want to put my penis through - let alone a newbie’s…

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