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Whats a good Thera P wrap routine?

Whats a good Thera P wrap routine?

Been on here for a while and some people have been saying they use a wrap behind their balls instead of just at the base of the penis for better results. So with wraping behind the balls how long should one leave this on for and how many times a week. This will be my only PE method

The Thera P is a good addition to a PE routine because it may allow your dick to heal in an extended state.

You will not get any results using only that method. The only result would be a larger looking bulge in your pants.

Wrapping is like a supplement in bodybuilding, it helps.

With a good PE routine, wrapping can help with healing and increase flaccid size, and maybe help with future erect gains.

Originally Posted by Taylor
This will be my only PE method

I wouldn’t bother with PE then.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You won’t see any results from just wrapping. At least do some jelqing as well. Do some dry jelqs and stretches in your bed at night. Anything. If you just wrap, you will be disappointed.

Do a search for Wadzilla’s “Results of my wrapping experiment” - he did not get any gains that lasted past 3 days after quitting.

regards, mgus

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I agree with everyone else that wrapping only will not work. Here is something with the Thera-P that does work but should not be done until you get your unit conditioned for PE. Go to the tutorials section and follow the instructions for the Extreme ULI modification, but use two Thera-P wraps istead. It’s much safer but still will give good results.

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