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What to tell women


Ask them if they would like to measure it for you since you never have measured before.

Start: 12/20/06: 6.625x5 BPEL

Short term goal: 7x5 BPEL

Long term goal: 7x5.5 NBEL

Hint: Don’t tell her. Show her. ;)

I would just say that I never had any complaints.

I agree with those that say that knowing anything about my penis is a very personal issue and if she doesn’t want to fuck me to find out, then she doesn’t deserve to know.

If for some reason I had to give her a number I would probably give her BP and add a 1/4 or 1/2 an inch. Every guy has lied to her in the past, so she surely thinks that 6 inches is 7 anyway, and if she wants to measure you in the future you can verify your BP number and cheat a little without her figuring it out.

Horny Bastard


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