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What side do you dress on

What side do you dress on

Hi all,

My penis points to the left when flaccid or erect and I am wondering if it is because I have always dressed to the left. It seems that the bend is right down at the base and the rest of the shaft is mostly straight. Lately I have been trying to dress to the right, but it just won’t stay there for long.

Any theories on how to fix this? I have been doing most of my stretching and jelqing to the right in an effort to reverse this, but no change yet.

Anyone have a similar situation?


You’ve been going for less than a month. Changes to curvature of the penis seem to be possible, but it takes a very long time and is very gradual, like the whole PE process.

Mine does this too. It turns to the left right at the base, or about a 1/2” down from the base. When I have a really good flaccid hang, it’s turned almost 45° to the left. I’m not really sure what has caused this. Sometimes I notice that it’s really pronounced when my left ball is more descended than the right? Maybe that’s why?

Once you’ve gained a bit, you can keep it in your butt and solve this problem :)

I wouldn’t worry about the effects of flaccid bending on erection curvature. If you want to straighten a bent erection, some guys claim success with jelqing to one side, and others report success with pumping or even hanging.

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Mine falls to the right when I dress. But my penis has no curve. Helpful?

Always straight down the middle, why try to add a sideways bias ?

The bend really doesn’t bother me. I’m trying to fix it just for grins.
I figure IF dressing to the left for the past 30+ years bent it the switching it up should fix it. Hopefully in less than 30 years.

I am curious to see if other folks have the same situation though.

I’ve been told to go fuck myself before Goomba. Why do you think I’m PEing?

Straight down the middle. I don’t see how. The crotch of my pants gets in the way. I gotta pick a side!

Does your joystick bend to the left? All you need is the right girl! I mean the girl with the vagina bent to the right. Then in missionary you’ll be made for each other, while in doggy style you’ll fix each other. As good as it gets…

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In the days of made to measure suits. The tailor measuring for a new suit would always ask ‘What side do you dress Sir?’

And you would get a little extra space on whichever side you nominated.

Most Guys dress lo the left - At least that was the general opinion in those days.

It could also be found when measuring the inside leg - Trousers, not Kilts.

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