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What should it feel like after a Newbie Jelq

What should it feel like after a Newbie Jelq

I’ll probably be shown to the FAQ “wood shed” by our illustrious senior members, but I’m wondering after about 2 months of jelqing (newbie routine, mostly) what my dick should feel like after a session. I had to take a week off recently due to overdoing it (numbness, spotting). Today after a 15 min session (with less compression and not going all the way to the head), I’ve had a slight tingle and fatigued feeling along the shaft for about 3 hours. It actually feels kind of pleasant - sort of like muscles after a good workout. Is this normal? Thanks.

It should feel like it was a workout, muscles after a workout is a good comparison. It should be much thicker and fuller and flaccid and your penis should feel tired, NOT sore. If it’s sore, don’t do so many.

I always feel horny when I’m done, but it’s definitely a large flaccid, and my penis is sleepy and hangs low.

I get the same slight tingle and fuller flaccid. Just had 5 days off mind as I was developing a bruise on the underside of my glands where my reverse grip was continually getting tugged too hard at the end of my jelq. And I was only doing 90 at the time each set (im newbie). I was putting too much pressure on the area.

Thanks. I’m going to cut back to about half the jelqs (from 200 to 100) just to be safe. I’ve gotten good gains so far, about 0.5 BPEL and 0.4 in girth, so I’m not too worried about slowing progress.

You’re obviously doing something right :up:

Hey I’m a newbie too but I have a question. My penis hangs fuller after the jelqs but only for a few minutes. The instructions said it shud last hours. Is something wrong there or is it normal?

Yes, it’s normal, I have mine last for about 10-15 minutes.

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