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What should I use to improve the skin on my penis

What should I use to improve the skin on my penis

Is lotion good enough. Because I not only want it bigger but also healthier looking as far as the skin goes.

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Vagina juice. :)

Well first of all, what’s wrong with the skin?

HI dempha, I use baby oil.

LOL you lot are mad.

But it’s not a bad idea LMAO.

Baby OIL makes skin Dark

Vitamin C cream , and brighter creams

Have often wondered at the use of Retin A 0.05% creme. Sure does a nice job on face……why not penis?

Power Sander

10 tips for safe, smart sanding

1. Wear a disposable, NIOSH-approved N, R, or P (95 to 100) particulate-filtering mask (about $2 each).

2. Wear goggles or, better, safety glasses with side shields (about $4 to $9), which are less likely to fog up during use.

3. Wear earplugs or muff-type protectors (about $15), especially when using a belt sander, the noisiest type by far.

4. Make sure the sander’s power switch is turned off before you plug in the cord.

5. Unplug sander before changing paper.

6. Don’t sand near sparks or flames, which can ignite wood dust.

7. Don’t push down; let the weight of the sander do the work so that you reduce the chance of the machine kicking back at you.

8. Start the sander before it contacts the wood, then keep it moving; both help minimize the chance of gouging the surface.

9. Use the right paper. Start with a coarse grit (60- to 80-grit) for rough-sanding uneven surfaces. Then use finer and finer grits (100-, 150-, then 220-grit, for example) before staining or painting.

10. Sand in the right direction. For belt sanders, go against the grain for faster sanding, with it for smoother results.

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Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by MartinC
:) This stuff is good

Try this thread:

Healing Scars

And this on:

Eroset’s Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

I have been using Eroset’s Vein Oil religiously ever since I injured my dick and it is beautiful stuff, I increased the amount of oils used though to make it stronger, I love the slight burning sensation it gives me due to being so strong lol. Please do not alter the ingredients like I have though otherwise you might damage yourself, my dick is very used to it now. My erections since using it are crazily strong and the skin is in great condition.. Also, you can use the oil as a jelqing lube as long as you don’t make it too strong, it gives you a good flaccid hang normally.

Does this Eroset guy still come on here? I remember him from a long time ago before I got injured and took a break.

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