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What on earth is a reverse kegel

What on earth is a reverse kegel

Is it any better than a regular kegel and how do you do them? I just heard about them today didn’t find any info on HOW to do them though.

It’s the opposite of a regular kegal.

Instead of contracting your PC muscle (I.e a kegal, also used to restrict urine flow) you relax it (e.g. When you want to urinate urinate)

Hope that helps. Takes practice.

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I didn’t realize how to do a reverse kegel until I had been doing 100+ kegels a day. I don’t know if it’s working, but it feels like there is increased blood flow.

It took me a while to get the reverse kegel mastered but its almost the same feeling as when you push to urinate or poop. I even push my lower abs out to isolate it more. But obviously you don’t pee or poop. I also think the position you are in is important as it is hard for me to do a good reverse kegel if I’m sitting while leaning back with my legs spread, like sitting here at my desk for example. However, if I sit as if I’m sitting on the toilet, the reverse kegel comes more natural to me.

It takes a LOT of practice and getting to you know your PC muscle.

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