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What is tugback

What is tugback

What is tugback, in regards to LOT? Is it when you can no longer move your penis in a certain direction due to pain? If not, what?

Put you’re mouse over the acronym LOT. Anything underlined like that gives you information on the acronym.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Tugback and LOT: two pseudo principles conceived in intellectual vanity in an effort to gauge one’s potential for gains through PE. The very premise of LOT is very much in doubt and has never been studied beyond the most superficial means - even in relation to other PE doctrines. However, the faith with which some members subcribe to it seems to vary in proportion to its dubiousness.

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Thanks to the last poster. The question was, indeed, what is tugback, not what is lot.

After reading the link, I still don’t understand what tugback is. Does it have to do with the amount you can move your penis (like in the LOT clock) without pain? Or is it when you kegel and your dick moves, how far it moves without being touched by a hand? Or something else? Please, I need more than one line answers or it won’t make sense to me.


It has nothing to do with pain.

Stretch your cock straight up towards your belly button and do a kegel. You should be able to feel your cock pulling back against the stretch. That is tugback. Now, as you move you stretching hand further down, you begin to determine at what clock position you lose the pull back effect against the stretch. I believe the correct way to determine your lot is to not only feel where this occurs, but to also look for where it occurs by checking for movement in a mirror.

And I don’t even care what my lot is. Who gives a lot anyways? :)

Which word is confusing Tug or Back?

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

This coming from a guy who couldn’t even read my original post?

Loss of tugback is the angle at which your stretched penis no longer pulls back when kegeling. When flaccid, grasp behind the head and stretch out applying mild tension. Begin by stretching up toward your chest. Kegel. You’ll feel your penis retract against your pull. Lower the stretching angle gradually, lowering toward straight out, and then below. Repeat the kegels at each stage. At some point your penis will no longer retract. The angle at which the retraction stops is your LOT. Loss of tugback.

The theory (see KOG’s presentation) is interesting. I experienced some effects corresponding with it. However, I doubt it is an all-encompassing explanation of what happens for everyone who PE’s. I’ve received some PM’s from a few guys who had no tugback in any position, even though they were apparently checking correctly. How do you explain that? I can’t.

At this time I’m not sure what relevance LOT theory has. Based on my experience and observations, which may or may not be atypical, I don’t dismiss the theory out of hand. Some have been inspired to dump it, most likely because Bib sullied his previously stellar reputation here by abandoning Thunder’s Place to plant new stakes in dark, ugly commercial PE pastures rich in manure. While that move greatly diminished my opinion of him and his alleged values, his LOT theory is still interesting. I don’t know where it fits in the scheme of things. At the very least it got the PE community to thinking about lig gains and shaft gains being distinctly separate things. For that alone Bib deserves credit.

My current opinion and advice is to focus on stretching/hanging at the lower angles at first regardless of your LOT. Get whatever you can out of stretching ligs, because those are the easiest gains for most. Then switch to a focus on lengthening the shaft itself.

Monitor your LOT over time. Why not? It’s quick to check once you know how. See if it changes. If it does, see if the changes match with the theory. Report back. Is the myth busted, plausible or confirmed? Without more data we won’t know.

Originally Posted by westzide
This coming from a guy who couldn’t even read my original post?

LOT is loss of tugback, if you know what LOT is you either dont know what tug or what back is. So which one has you stumped, tug or back?

The question you meant to ask is what is LOT.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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