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What is this Clamping

What is this Clamping

Hi guys I’m new here and I been searching about clamping. Can some body tell me how to do one?? It would be nice. Also I need to find out how to stretch without any devices. By the way I am 5.5x4 which is small so I hope this site can help.

Welcome, lil!

If you’re brand new to PE, I would start out with some jelqing & stretching exercises to get your penis conditioned. Check out the sticky thread at the very top of this forum, and you’ll see a recommended thread about the “Newbie Routine”. Most guys start out there, then work their way up to clamping.

p.s.: Yes, it does work!


Welcome to Thunder’s lil. Very sound advice there from GM. Clamping is an advanced exercise not to be undertaken by those new to the art. The Newbie Routine works rather well to start. Good luck to you. Feel free to ask if you have questions (after doing some studying of your own first that is).


Thanx right now I due a routin 6 days with one day off , is this to much?

Ido about 5-10 minutes stretches, 300 Jelq strokes then I cool down. Is this a Good Routine for me? I really need some girth so due you guys have any idead on that?? My girth is 4” wich is like a string. Lol. But I’m trying

How long have you been PEing?


I week 3 days today will be 4th day of second week

You’ve just started and you are doing 6on 1off. I’d say that is too much. Of course everyone is different, but to start a good rule of thumb is like 2on 1off are 3on 2 off.

Tone down the jelqs a bit to about 200 for a bit. I know it’s exciting and you want to “Be all that you can be” and all that jazz. But in PE less is more. Take your time and be patient. Results will come. This is a marathon not a sprint. No matter what you do gains don’t happen in a week (well, unless you’re ys, but that’s a different story), or even in a month. Be dedicated to doing this long term and you will succeed. And along the way if you need help or have questions we are here to help (of course so is the search button).

Good luck to you. And remember, the tortoise was a really clever turtle.


As you said: “Of course everyone is different” and
the best recommendation is probably to get to learn your body and the signal it sends you.

As a complete newbie, I started with no days off at all. But I started slow. Later, I needed a few breaks, mainly mentally. Getting energi for the long jelqing sessions was hard without a few resting days.

Nowadays, I mainly take resting days during week-ends because it is hard to get PEing privacy then. Sometimes, I also feel worked-out and need a break for that reason, but that is more of an exception than a rule.


You aren’t doing enough stretching, and too many jelqs to start off. I’m not sure if you are, but warm wrap your penis before, during, and after your workouts.

Indeed, ex-yna, indeed :leftie:
Not that I could ever think about promoting my way of PE.. BTW: I’m finally getting some real healing there.. L-Arginine / Lysine-HCl in 3:1 finally does the trick.. Immediate lig healing response (the length is shrinking a bit, but heck I don’t care as long as I finally get rid of the pain).


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