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ULIs and clamping .etc need help

ULIs and clamping .etc need help

Is it possible to gain girth without jelqing atall and just doing ulis/clamping? I am asking this because I do not want to develop my turkey neck further and I hear clamping is effective.

I heard that one should do ulis before attempting clamping, however, I have searched the forums and have failed to find anywhere that tells you exactly how to perform an uli. As far as i understand an uli is just squeezing under the head. I also understand these can be done with a clamp. And am I right to assume when you begin clamping, you just clamp near the base of your dick in tight with a full errection and keep it on for about 5minutes or so and build up? Is this the same with an uli except the clamps higher up?

Also are there any great dangers to clamping? I don’t want it to mean i cant get an errection .etc. As you can probably see form my post I am a little confused. Could someone help me out?



Turkey neck only happens when you stress the skin above the scrotum, avoid that as much as possible and you can probably minimise the effect. That said, I think most people have posted similar experience to me in that turkey neck will generally occur most initially and then slow a bit. Personally I got into stretching the skin separately so that I could control where skin stretch happened better.

ULI’s really want to be avoided initially, jelqing is a great conditioning exercise for PE and everyone can benefit from it, whatever type of PE they do. If you shift to ULI’s straight away you may find that the penis can’t cope with the pressure you put it under, so if you insist on doing a ULI only program ramp up the pressure carefully over time to give your penis a chance.

The ULI#3 started as a manual exercise. Here’s a link. The clamp method was developed by Bigger and its Here. Both of those links come from the PE FAQ and Glossary (ULI section), the link is at the bottom of each page.

The most obvious danger to clamping would be creating to high a pressure in the process. This could pop a vein or cause a thrombosis and is why Jelqing is a good idea :)

Have I mentioned Jelqing enough? I mean, as an essential part of PE?

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