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What do you think of this routine?

What do you think of this routine?

I’ve consistently exercised for 8 months now.. Barely any gains

- I know why.. Because my tunica is my limiting factor
1.) Because my BPFL is nearly an inch shorter than my BPEL
2.) Because when I am erect, my EQ is a 10+.this thing is hard as a rock, it feels as though it might explode
3.) Because I have not performed any length related exercises or tunica focused exercises.. Just jelqing and pumping so far

I recently bought an extender.. One of those cheapies on Ebay
- I just cannot justify spending $200-$300 on something that may break easily

The routine that I intend on engaging in is this:

Warmup - 5 mins (just putting my flacid in a bathmate and giving it JUST ONE PUMP) - warmer than warm water
Stretching - 50 JAIs (about 3-4 seconds each)
Stretching - 60 seconds in these directions: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, STRAIGHT OUT
Bathmate - 5 mins (semi-erect insertion, pump enough to become erect)
Jelq - Straight out (100 reps - 3-4 seconds each)
Bathmate - 7 mins (semi-erect insertion, pump enough to have the feeling of my unit being tight/expanded)
Jelq - Up (100 reps - 3-4 seconds each), Straight out (50 reps, 3-4 secs each)
Warm-down - 5 mins of very light tugging, jelqing, stretching (directly under the water faucet)

Extender: I will begin with only 30 mins, increasing by 15-30 each week
- Enough tension to be as longer or longer than my BPEL

Current Stats:
BPEL: 16cm
MSEG: 12cm
BSEG: 12.5cm

Goal (1 year’s time)
BPEL: 19cm
MSEG: 15cm
BSEG: 16cm

What do you think?

Well, because you have not gained nothing until now I would not create a big expectation of a gain of 3cm x 3cm in a year now.. Actually is never good to expect too much, but since you don’t put too much expectation on this, no problem of having this goal.

In my opinion you’re doing right in change your routine including different exercises to stretching the tunica lengthwise, this may help the gains come with jelqing and pumping too.

But since you are consistently per 8 months straight your tunica may be toughened and you could consider a decon break of 1 or 2 months before starting the new routine, this could help with future gains.

However, I hope you achieve your goals. Good luck.

Start January 2013: NBPEL 6.2" (15,7cm) / MSEG 5.2" (13,2cm) / BPEL 6.6"(16,8cm) / FL - 3.5" (9cm) / FG - 3.9" (10cm)

Mid-term Goal : NBPEL 6.7"(17cm) / MSEG 5.5"(14cm) / FL 4.5" (11,5cm) / FG 4.5"(11,5cm)

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