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what am i doing wrong, guys???

what am i doing wrong, guys???

ok - i have been messing with this stuff for over a year now, and have had virtually no results. i have been involved with “penisresource” and “penis-enlargement-101” - and while their information has been similar, and somewhat useful, i have still not gained anything.

i have jelked my dick raw & stretched until i think i am gonna pull it off. i have soaked in water hotter than the hinges of hell, and have done pc workouts until my ass is sore,

i dont smoke or drink, live a relatively healthy lifestyle, take a good number of herbal and micronutrient supplements every day (including many of the ingredients found in the penis pills out there on the market) - and otherwise am doing everything that your (and other) site recommends.

my start has been 5.5” length and about 4.25 girth. i have gotten to “maybe” 5.75” but have made no girth gains at all. guys - gals - i am ready to grow - my goal is 7.0” long by 2.0” wide by about 6.0” around.

someone tell me what i have been doing wrong - and what i can start doing right.


Could you give the specifics of the moves you do, how you do them, and for how long?

jelking, etc ...

ok - i start the routine with about 5 minutes of hot compress with some massage to semi-hard, then i usually do 5 to 10 minutes of stretches (up, down, left, right, out and around) with a pause between each motion for 10 quick pc moves … i follow that with another 5 to 10 minutes of hot compresses.

then i will do 100 to 150 jelks - half with a 3-count and half with a simple 1-2-3-4-count per pull.

after that i do some more stretching, and then finish with 25 to 50 very slow and long jelks.

finally, i do a compress “cooldown” for about 10 minutes.

anything else i should do???

what else can i do???

i don’t want to mess with “devices” or “pills” because the devices are probably not any better than manual work (and have less control) and the pills are really bullshit (i am a biologist/chemist by training and have worked in the neutraceutical field).

feed me, gang - so i can get to where you are … thanks

Take a 2-3 week break then restart, sometimes this helps with growth (healing).


What I never knew, I never will forget!


Your routine is good for a newbie just starting out, but is weak for one who has been PEing for a year.

Give DLD’s Blasters a try or do some JAI’s. Either way, the goal is to feel a good stretch happening.

Increase the intensity and duration of your jelqing, and also ease into doing various squeezes: Uli’s, horses, etc.

I fully agree with hobby. You need to kick things up several notches. Think of you penis as a plant in the wind. It quickly grows strong enough to stand up to the normal wind. If the normal wind is all it ever encounters, it has no reason to grow stronger.

good advice

cool - good advice from all of you … i am not familiar with all the terms you have shot at me (blasters?), but i will try to learn.

practically, my goal seems doable (7’ long x 2” thick), and you have given me some more hope.

i guess, though, that my functional question now becomes “why have i not seen any reasonable gain (virtually) at all in the time i have been working - particularly in girth?”

it would seem to me that i would have made some progress … any thoughts on this?


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