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Wet jelqing grip

Wet jelqing grip


I knot that this topic was talked alot of times on forum, but I couldn’t find clear answer to it. What is the best grip for wet jelqing? On the video it says that you should use OK grip, but I’ve read here that its not good because you put pressure on bottom part, so should I use C grip or maybe OK grip, pressuring left and right side of penis instead of bottom?

Thanks so much for answers.

The OK grip is maybe badly named. Loosely, it’s an OK grip but the pressure should always be on the sides avoiding the top and bottom of the shaft. Try making an overhand OK, locating the soft area between thumb and forefinger on the top of the shaft and without pinching in hard at the bottom then, with the thumb and forefinger, press in. You’ll find the pressure exerted is on the sides.

It’s important when you are PEing to understand the anatomy of the penis as much as possible. Know what your are trying to stress and know what you are trying to avoid. Read some of the anatomy pieces around here and those linked on other sites. Do an internet search for other sources. The more you know the better.

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Thank you so much for answer and help! I’ve done it like you said today, but the thing is that after workout I didn’t feel anything (before I used to feel that I’ve done jelqing) also I noticed that my glans is not getting that big is it how it should be when I do it this way? I’m just starting with PE so it was my third workout - only 40 jelqs (doing linear newbie routine), so maybe that’s the reason. Is there any chance to be sure that I’ve done it correctly? Sorry for my stupid questions.

The glans are connected to the CS, not the CC, so not seeing massive expansion of the glans is an indication that the CS is not being restricted at all and it probably wants to be restricted a little. So, OK, you are focussing on the sides but the grip needs to be tight enough that it actually takes some effort to go up the shaft in 3 second strokes. So, very carefully, try tightening the grip to the point where you can move it up the shaft but after a certain point it won’t move anymore (I say carefully because this is a ULI and is quite advanced), then reduce the strength of the grip enough to be able to continue the stroke. Hopefully you now understand what is too much pressure and what is just enough.

Not a stupid question. It’s a matter of experience but you’ll get there. Jelqing is about letting just enough blood to pass back through your grip to allow the stroke to proceed.

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What was your erection level? (EL)

Ok, today I tried like you said and I think it was a little bit better, tho I still need practice. I’m doing it the light way because I don’t really look for quick gains, just better EQ, gains of course but don’t need to rush, and safety first. @Walter5169, it’s really hard for me to say because I can’t really rate it but I would say ~50%? I don’t get hard from jelqs just a little bit aroused. Thanks guys!

Level of erection is important.

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