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Water blister in using Vac Extender.

Water blister in using Vac Extender.


I use Vac extender.

And I got a water blister

Under my glans.

Glans is just fitted in cap, but because of shape of glans, there is a little


And when got the air out, that part is swollen and finally got a tiny water


I have to rest a few days, stop PE.

Please let me know how to avoid.

It’s a bit difficult to determine what went wrong. But I woould suggest it may have been that the sking was pinched spmehow.

You don’t say how long you were wearing the extender. so the length of time used to wear the extender may have to be reduced.

About the only thing thing I can suggest. is (if it was pinching) just dampt the glans with saliva before you wear the cap so that it can even out.

Hope that helps.


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I had water blisters using the vacuum hanger when I first stating using some time ago. It seems I was using much too much weight (I tried using the same weight as I was using with the Bib hanger).

Since then. my solution has been to limit the weight to 5 pounds. I also remove the hanger every 10 minutes to check for blisters.

When starting my hanging session, I ensure that the glans is as far forward in the inner (constriction) sleeve as possible. I also put a small wad of toilet tissue between the tip of the glans and the inside of the constriction sleeve to absorb an possible moisture that may develop.

I have been reluctant to hang with more that 5 pounds, as I tend to develop those water blisters easily. Perhaps some experimentation with higher weights is in order (for me, at least).


I find that the water blisters are caused by too much weight left unchecked for too long.

My solution may not be very appealing to most but I haven’t had any blisters since using it.
The solution I came to was to use tape, light sticky tape, to cover the glans/urethra.
I actually use masking tape, but I make it less sticky by sticking and unsticking it a few times before putting it over my glans.
Then I actually hang with my foreskin forward to avoid slippage. So now only the small area covered by masking tape is visible in the hanger.
I can hang 10.5lbs for more than an hour if I wanted to, though I remove it every 20 mins or so to get the circulation going again.

Try using 3M Microfoam Tape on your glans, it works for most of us using the Vac hanger and VacADS.

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