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Was I being extremely dumb? (penis size insecurity thread)


Originally Posted by djrobins

Those 8x5’s look really long.

Well thanks for the compliment, still greedy for a 6inch girth though

Who cares about your college years? Women love older men, I am 30 and am getting hotter younger girls than I ever have in my life. Do length exercises, your girth is fine, which is what is most important anyway.

Nice replies. I hope the discussion keeps going…

So…thread closed?

I have noticed my girlfriend looking at my flaccid length more since I began PE. I think the greatest effect has been on my flaccid length. It stays at around five inches most days and feels great as I walk around. The psychological effect of feeling that full is awesome. My girlfriend hasn`t mentioned any length or girth gains because she is truly in love with me and that doesn`t matter as much as the love we share, though occasionally her reaction is clearly in the “oh wow” frame due to my focus on EQ, stamina and technique since beginning PE.

I imagine as my size grows there will be some change in her reaction to sex, but she has always been into sex. She likes it. I`m blessed, and coming from a 15 year relationship with a controlling frigid bitch every day feels like I`ve died and gone to heaven.

And in case you are wondering, I`m doing PE for me. I have always been insecure about my size, and even though when I reach 7 inches I will still have that twinge of anxiety. I just don`t like comparisons. My ex used to go on about the big jamaican men she saw on holidays and it used to make me feel like shit. She would also go with her friends to strip clubs and even though I asked her not to, she still slipped out occasionally. She was just not a very nice person and she wasn`t treating me well knowing my insecurity.

And no, having a bigger dick wouldn`t have helped the relationship. She was terribly jealous and would have become more so over my new size.

Thank god I finally dumped her.

When did you dump her, and how long did it take to find the new girl?

After reading all these ‘raoul2307’ posts about controlling females, the before and after is exciting to some of us men in “bad” relationships.

I’m sure every guy has those thoughts. I’m endowed in girth but not in length and it really bothers me. Hence why I am here!

Well, here’s my experience of negative penile self-consciousness and opinion on the does size matter debate-

I have a 6 - 6.25 BPEL. Actually I just recently found this out when I decided to start PEing, for a while I thought I had a 5.5 BPEL. Finding this out didnt really relieve my penis anxiety all that much. About a month ago I lost my virginity, pretty late in the game as I’m 21.

I’m not un-attractive or in capable of getting girls in bed. My high school experience with girls was I’d say above average, and I could have had sex multiple times but avoided it on both conscious and subconscious levels. Sex has for the most part scared me because of my notion that I am under-size. Like alot of people here it has caused a lot of self esteem issues which surfaced in my thoughts quite regularly and over time became incorporated into the fabric of my personality/ego. I’m a very talented and creative individual, but for some reason tend to hold my self back and/or undermine my ambitions. I attribute most of it to my perception of my penis.

This notion has still not changed after getting laid unfortunately, which actually only reaffirmed a majority of my fears- that I would not be good in bed and could not give a girl some genuinely good sex.

I was blessed and cursed to lose the big V to the only girl I’ve ever really cared about for the past 2-3 years. Blessed that we finally had sex, it was an interesting build up to it, during which I feel like we really established some strong feelings. But of course cursed in the sense that it became rather obvious that if we were to successfully have a real relationship it would be undermined to a greater extent by my current size. The sex wasn’t terrible, but only in the sense that she could feel my dick and get off from it. Luckily she doesnt have a big vag. But in reality I had difficulty just getting it in. We could only really find one position where I was able to really get it in and go at it, which from what the internet says is known as “deep stick”. We had sex only twice mostly because the sex just seemed so awkward and lame/ anticlimactic. I never really initiated it again because I was all too self conscious of my inabilities. Luckily she left for traveling a little bit after that and will be gone for 4 months, so I’m hoping that my PE efforts will yield favorable results. I am inclined to avoid having a real relationship with her until I feel my penis size is up to snuff, meaning that I can get it in easier.

I still debate as to whether me not being able to get it in was really due to my ‘smaller’ size or perhaps just my inexperience and lack of appropriate sex positions knowledge (tried doggy and failed miserably which was very disappointing as I had been dreaming of it for some time now), or perhaps her wider hips and slightly thicker legs. I have say though that it wasn’t terrible as I had never told her I was a virgin, and after sex she wanted to discuss the ‘weirdest lovers’ we’d had in the past, which wasn’t the sort of thing I wanted to discuss at all as my list was non existent and her’s obviously existent. But to me it implied that she must have concluded during or after the sex that I’d done it before..

I’m not really afraid of having sex with girls now, just her. I’m actually very curious to see if my size works better on a skinnier chick, not to say that she was by any means ‘fat’.

SO, I’d say in my limited experience thus far size indeed matters, as heartbreaking as that is. During the sex I kept wondering how anybody with a similar size or smaller ever pulls sex off without it being awkward or unsatisfactory, mostly in the sense that I simply could not reach the most desirable positions and pound away.. Maybe someone knows around here? I’ve read of guys here with but 5.5 inch dicks saying they do great in bed..

Not I sir, not I.

What most of you guys need in the first place is not PE, but a decent psychiatric therapy…

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Originally Posted by djrobins
When did you dump her, and how long did it take to find the new girl?

After reading all these ‘raoul2307’ posts about controlling females, the before and after is exciting to some of us men in “bad” relationships.

I finally dumped her in 2006 and I met my new girlfriend in 2008. We live together now and are getting married may 5th. I found my fiancee after dating extensively, and I learned a lot from the PUA community regarding assertiveness and being able to see past the attractive faces and bodies to see whether I was heading back into a controlling situation again.

Penis size aside for a moment, I realised that I was responsible for finding myself in a controlling relationship because of my lack of ability to ask the right questions of women I dated.

One woman I dated turned on my youngest boy while we were out one day. I dropped her. Though she was smart, funny and fun to be with, she desperately wanted to control and took the chance with my son while we were having a nice day out. She couldn`t bear the thought of being able to allow a simple choice over something mundane and blew her cool, thereby showing her true colours. When I confronted her on it, she lit up on me, thereby confirming her hostile nature.

One may think that this is an exaggeration, but this was over a donut.

I have a saying; I would rather do difficult things with easy people than do easy tings with difficult people.

Originally Posted by cervixhunter
What most of you guys need in the first place is not PE, but a decent psychiatric therapy…

True, they definitely need something that PE cannot give them. I think PE is a step in the right direction though… what it is is taking action in a self improvement process.

For guys nervous about sex, read sex books, learn the female anatomy, TALK during sex, when playing with her have her show you how she likes to be touched, every girl is different.

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I can address one question you asked. I’ve asked lots of women this question and none has ever said when they hook up with a guy they secretly hope he’s hung. All I ever got of any of them is that they hope he’s not really small. From what they’ve told me they can work with it if it’s at least average.

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