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Warmup warmdown

Warmup warmdown

Hey, I have a small heater and am wondering if I could do the warm ups with it instead of a cloth. It gets really warm and I am wondering if it would have the same effect. I have lately been warming up with a wet cloth but it always ends up getting cold after 30 seconds, and I have to redip it.

You need to be able to warm up the tissue inside of the penis. While the heater would warm your penis up, I think most of the heat would be concentrated on the surface of the penis and not in the actual tissue itself. Just my two cents.

As furryone says, the heat would not penetrate.

An IR lamp is the best, but if you don’t want to go that route, go to your local drugstore and get a microwaveable gel pack (hot and cold pack), of the type used for putting on sprains and strains. Choose the size you need. Wrap the damp cloth around your penis, then wrap the gel pack around the cloth. Your cloth will stay hot for much longer. Experiment with microwave times to get the heat just right every time.

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Welcome from another APR2007 Newbie.
They are correct, you need to warm the inside of your cock. Try the Warm Rice Sox or “Luka89’s Warm Up Bottle” (see thread). I use both. I use the Bottle for the Warm Up because it is “wet and warm” (just be careful that you don’t get too excited ha ha), and the Rice Sox for the Warm Down.

If you haven’t done the Rice Sox yet, fill a cotton sox (not synthetic because it will burn in the microwave) with “regular- raw” rice (not Uncle Ben’s pre-cooked) and tie a knot in the end. Leave enough space in the sox that you can flatten the sox and move the rice around inside. Microwave it on “defrost” or “50%” for about 3 or 4 minutes. WATCH it so that it will not burn. It will stay warm for quite a long time. by the way, you can use the rice sox over, and over again. Wrap the rice sox in a soft towel a couple of time and then put it on you unit. It is best done while in a prone position so that the heat will not be near you balls. When it cools off a bit, just unwrap it a bit for a warmer area. When it really cools down, but is still warm, you can use the sox only (without the towel) since it will be malleable and you can massage your cock through the warm rice sox. Feels really good and helps heal.

Good PEing. Good Luck with your goals.

I’ve never warmed up or down and I am still gaining.

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