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Warm wrap

Warm wrap

Hi again,
I’ve been peing the new routine for 9 weeks with no gains..
I’m unsure if I’m jelqing the next day my dick shrivels a little.
Could I be squeezing to hard or soft for me to be getting gains?
Can anyone explain to me how hard a grip you use.I know it’s difficult to explain but any help appreciate.

I also Read on another web-page to use warm wrap all round groin area and then just the dick.which is it?


IT definitely wont hurt to warm up the groin, I always had the impression that whole area needed the heat because that’s where the ligaments are.

For me, Jelqing grip depends on erection level, Go as light or as hard as you need to go while increasing the amount of blood inside the penis, but not increasing the hardness if that makes any sense, ill try again.

I think the goal is to stay at the same erection level while getting more blood inside. Erection level being how hard it actually becomes, not truly corresponding to the size or relative size of the penis.

If your doing the newbie routine, are you at the same level of intensity as when you started? What worked for me was increasing the intensity by small amounts after every second off day. I would increase jelqs by 25, or I added some Ulis and memento mod on the Sadsak head girth exercise instead a couple times.

I am by no means an authority at this point so if someone comes in and says “clemski is a fucking moron don’t listen to that dumb ass”, they could be right. This being said, I have read a lot of stuff, and I have seen some good gains.

Hope any of that helps Good luck!

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I’m going to bump this old thread and ask more specifically - as I did a search - what is a better way to do the hot wrap? I use a flanel (towel thing) right now and it loses heat about a minute after I’m thinking this thermodynamics stuff is important is there a thread anywhere or any specifics on how to do a better hot wrap?

Because tutorials on this site and the newbie routines instructions are pretty much “throw something on your sausage & heat that thing up”.

I might make my own DIY tight-cloth cylinder of a special household cleaning sponge thing whose material is really thin - anyone else on this forum thought about this?

P.S. I agree with heating up the whole area that sounds good too but right now I’ll focus on the penis.

#edit: reading this ( Cool Down - YES You NEED It! ) thread too on cooling down

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