Hot or cold wrap

Hi there,

I am asking this question because I’m not really sure about it; AFTER a session/work-out, is there a difference if you use a hot wrap or a cold wrap? In another topic I saw somebody said he used to apply a cold wrap after a session. One of the reasons I’m asking this question is because I’m using way too much water during a work-out. I always ‘exercise’ when I take a shower, and I usually take a shower, hot wrap my unit for 5 minutes whilst letting the water spray on my friend. Then after my work-out I take another shower and again a hot wrap whilst showering. But now my question is if it can harm if I would use a cold wrap AFTER my work-out instead of a hot wrap? Because when I would use a cold wrap after the session, I would spoil a lot less water, I wouldn’t be taking another shower, I’d just use a towel or such with cold water and wrap my unit. So to all of you who’d like to help me on this one, what’s the best to finish a work-out; hot or cold wrap?