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Veins things.

Veins things.

Hello! I want to ask about veins.

I’m doing the newbie routine about by 1 weeks of works using the method 2days yes, 1 no.

Crooking down my penis I’ve notice that if I press a little with my fingertips in the middle of shaft I can touch and see a tiny vein that is more hard.

My question is: it can be thrombosed even if I cannot see it naturally in the surface of the shaft? It can be thrombosed if I can notice it only while I press down with my fingers in the zone? It can be thrombosed only with 6days totally of newbie routine works?

Anyway no pain there.

I’m scared of thrombosed veins. :(



Take a few days off and see if it does not go away.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

In the first week of my routine, I noticed quite a dramatic change in vascularity.

If you are older, you might just be ‘regaining’ what you’ve lost over time. This was one of the cases in a gigantic vein tree on the top of my penis, along the shaft. I saw in some old pictures of mine that, “Hey, I have that vein there!”. In this case, I just ‘reactivated’ this vein.

In other cases, either veins have come out, or I’ve noticed new veins/capillaries that I swear I didn’t have before.

In the case of my the prominent vein tree described above, the vein certainly seems more full more of the time.

Take it easy, and look for Physical indicators to see if you are doing alright. If you are concerned, take an extra day. Something tells me though you are going through a similar metamorphosis.

I’m 22 old. Thanks FLguy for your story.

My Physical indicator tell me to stop for some days to see if it goes away.

Anyway I see that the same metamorphosis that you says is happening in someway to my penis.

I see very different veins coming out but the thing that let me stop is this one tiny hard vein that I feel under my fingers, is the only in all the shaft that I can feel in this way.

So even if is tiny and “invisible” to the eyes (same in the erected state) my fear about thrombosis tell me to stop. Even if I don’t really want to stop the routine, but I think is the better thing to do now. :(

That makes a lot of sense. If you think that this is something atypical, I’d take it cautiously too.

I’ve never experienced a hard vein. That does different enough to warrant precautions.

Take some asprin;)

It’ll help clear up a thrombosed vein faster so you can get back to your work sooner:)

Yeah I could do but I’m not sure 100% that is thrombosed vein :( how I can perfectly understand if it is thrombosed? Argh… :(

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