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PE: veins AND arteries

PE: veins AND arteries


I have heard alot about penile veins emerging and enlarging as a result of jelqing and pumping, however I have not heard much in the way of penile arteries. Now, knowing some basic biology: it is the veins which carry blood to the heart and the arteries which carry blood away from the heart (and to the penis). I think that it would make sense to reason that as we jelq and push blood the opposite way it would flow in the veins (ie away from the penis) they expand, however, what if we try a reverse jelqing where we pushed blood in the opposite direction to which the arteries carried the blood. Does anyone have something to say or add about this?



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First of all, reverse jelquing is something you don’t want to engage in. IF and WHEN you damage the “oneway-valves” in you veins and CCs you’ll have a problem that may not be fixable. Then you have soft or limp erections for the rest of your life.

Secondly, when you jelq, you increase the pressure against the flow of blood in the veins - so they probably enlarge. You also increase the pressure in the arteries, because that blood can’t go through the CCs and out the veins. In both instances the increase is marginal, because the pressure inside the veins and arteries is the same as that outside (but still inside the tunica).

Thirdly, I don’t buy this talk about the veins and arteries being the limiting factor. No way. They can transport more blood than you can ever use, just have look at how fast people bleed to death from slashing their wrists and the arteries there should be approximately the same size (luvadus et al, is this correct?).

I’m a firm believer that the tunicas are the limiting factor. Stretch the tunica and you’ll fill it up.

Whatever you do, DO NOT REVERSE JELQ!

regards, mgus

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I agree with Mgus, and would also add that arteries are very different than veins. Arteries are under high pressure (120/80 mm hg typical ARTERIAL pressure) and thicker walled, compared to veins. Also, veins are superficial and arteries are deep. The vessels you see on the surface of your body, including your penis, are veins, not arteries.

A cut in a vein is no big deal usually, wheras a cut in the same diameter artery can cause dangerous blood loss (due to the pressure), so we are lucky that arteries are protected deep under our skin.

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