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Vein Pains

Vein Pains

Do any of you feel slight sensations / pains in the veins of your penis following exercises, I.e. Stretches, and or jelqs. I quite often slight pain deep in the groin, testicles, etc very slight but enough.

I’ve put it down to the penis healing and growing.. Or should we be worried?

When I do plain stretches, I get a weird vein pain thing when I pull to the left (similar to if I go running unsupported). So I stopped doing those stretches, and started doing fulcrum stretches instead. Never had any pain like that from jelqing though.

It’s like a dull ache if anything. I certainly get it after stretching, not so sure about jelquing.

It could be either you are pulling and /or jelqing using too much force, more in the line of exercise pains when you commence sports training.

Ease off a it n the exercise s and see if that cures the problem. But if the other ‘cause’ it will go away after a few sessions.

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I have a similar problem, although I don’t do PE for more than a week now. It started yesterday, a strange pain on the left side of my penis. I’m not sure what it could be, but I see there’s a big vein in the place, where I feel the pain.

One thing I must say for sure is that I don’t have any erect gains, but when my penis is flaccid it seems thicker and a lot ‘veinier’. I was doing PE for two months and didn’t notice any pain. I stopped it 1,5 a week ago due to the blood drops from urethra and a pain in my glans. But this seems to be sth different, since the pain is localized in the first 2 inches of my penis (measuring from the pubic bone). I wonder whether I should be concerned about that or just wait till it disappears on it’s own..

Any advice here?

Get some olive oil, buy some clary sage, lemongrass oil, rosemary and lavender, all have to be essential pure oils. Mix a few drops of each into the olive oil.

Have a nice hot bath as often as possible and massage the oil into your penis as soon as you are dry. It is not just newbie advice, it will really help heal your veins if that is the problem. It is also a great jelqing lube.

Other advice is like what petitfaun said: Don’t jelq too hard or stretch too hard, it isn’t a race :D

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

I’ve had some slight pain once and awhile, but when this would happen I would back off on the strength I was using or switch to a different grip. I’m still only a week or so in but I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me before I stick to a routine.

Ok, how do you know what is too much tension, I pull so that I can feel strain on the tendons, but not painful, If I feel any pain in the penis, it is due to a bad grip or a trapped hair, so I readjust.

You can’t have too much tension, but the grip required for massive stretches can cause the damage if you squeeze too hard.

Do it as hard as you can while being able to hold it for at least 30 seconds, if that aches your arms too much then you are probably doing it too hard.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Mfalme: “I stopped it 1,5 a week ago due to the blood drops from urethra and a pain in my glans”

For heavens sake STOP PE for at least a month. To cause that kind of injury you must be doing something wrong. Get back to newbie when you restart and search the injuries/treatment forum for further advise.

I got a dull ache when I started hanging. I only do 1 set of 20 minutes but when I went up to 5 pounds I could feel a slightly uncomfortable stretch. I think its the ligament at the base of the penis. I eased up to 4 pounds and took a break completely for a few days and it went away. I think the ligament gets very fatigued just like if you pulled a ligament or tendon elsewhere.

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