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Hair Dryer for warm up?

Hair Dryer for warm up?

Im just looking for some input from anyone who has tried using a hair dryer for warm up. Im still a newbie, and maybe the gains I have made would have come either way, but I noticed using a blow dryer really toasts me package well!

Its also convenient to keep warm air blowing on me during stretches. Since I started using this for heat, Ive packed on a soild 1/4” of length.

Has anyone tried this before? Is there any wrong way to warm up, or is heat the same with whatever you use.

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A hair drier blows very hot hair onto your body. I imagine it would be good at quickly heating up the skin, but not good at getting reaching tissue under the surface.

Get yourself a rice sock, they’re easy to build, cheap and virtually fool-proof.

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I don’t know where you do your PE’ing, but just want to say that hair dryers are not a good idea in the Bathroom.

If it’s not in the bathroom the main thing to look out for is a hot spot if you get too near the skin. Remember hair dryers are not meant for direct use on the skin and are usually insulated by the hair on your head

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