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Professional Pubic Hair Stylists


Professional Pubic Hair Stylists

As long-time readers of this forum know, I have been interested in properly grooming pubic hair for a long time. Getting into PE introduced me to the concept of trimming/shaving to remove hair that gets in the way of the various PE exercises and as a technique to make the entire package look bigger. I’ve documented my journey through the world of pubic hair grooming in the following threads:

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Recently, I had been noticing several small ads in the back of the local alternative weekly newspaper that read as follows:

Men’s full body Wax/Shave/Trimming
Call __________ at XXX-XXXX.

Back, Crack & Sac Wax. Men’s full body
Call ___________ at XXX-XXXX.

For Today’s modern man. Smooth out your
hairy spots. Waxing & Shaving anywhere and
everywhere. Call _____ at YYY-YYYY.

These ads were a revelation to me. I had long known about bikini waxes and “Brazilian” waxes for women. These are commonly advertised in the Yellow Pages and other venues. We’ve all feasted our eyes on the beauty of a properly groomed pussy in the pages of “The Dive” section of this most excellent forum. I had always assumed that such professional pubic hair grooming and styling services were unavailable to men and that if you wanted groomed pubic hair, you had to do it yourself.

Last month, for only the second time in my life, I got my back waxed at the day spa my wife goes to. The esthetician just had me remove my shirt to do the waxing. When I got home, I noticed that she had left a patch of hair on my lower back at the beltline. I ended up having to use my Seiko Shavy Femini trimmer to finish the job. A few days later, I experimented with using the trimmer to remove all the hair on my ass and butt crack. I kind of liked how it looked, so I recalled the ads and started thinking about having my butt waxed, as well as my back, the next time. My wife’s day spa is very conservative, the estheticians are all women, so it seemed unlikely that they would do anything besides backs and chests on men.

So, this week I took the plunge. I called each ad and talked to the guy that would be doing the waxing/grooming. The “Back, Crack & Sac” Wax” guy was located in a nearby ski town. The “Hair There & Everywhere” guy turned out to be located in the same zip code as my house, very close to where I live. I was more impressed with what the second guy had to say, the location was perfect and the pricing seemed fair, so I chose him. He has his own salon; he is a licensed massage therapist and a licensed cosmetologist. He has about 15 people working for him and offers Massage Therapy, Pedicures, Facials, Waxing and Hair Services.

My appointment was yesterday after work. Needless to say, I anticipated this with some trepidation, not knowing what to expect. I arrived at the salon and after a short wait was taken to a massage therapy room by the salon owner, who would be doing the waxing and grooming. He left while I took my clothes off, then had me lie face down on the massage table. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the issues involved in waxing men and seemed to have very good technique. He started with a light massage with some sort of concoction to prepare the skin for the wax. He then proceed to wax my back. For the uninitiated among you, waxing involves spreading a thin coat of special wax on each area where hair is to be removed, then pressing strips of muslin into the wax, and then quickly ripping each strip from the body. After doing the back, he then proceeded to remove the hair on my butt and butt crack. As I had anticipated, this is where it started to get a little weird for me, but it was all done very professionally in a clinical-like manner. He had me position each leg to gain better access to my nether cavities. He then used a straight-edge razor with a special toothed cover that allowed the razor to just take some of the hairs off to “blend” and transition from the completely smooth buttocks to the leg hair on the thighs. (I didn’t want my legs waxed.) The razor with the toothed cover had the effect of thinning, but not removing all the hair on the back of my upper thigh.

He then had me turn over so I was lying on my back, exposing my package to his scrutiny and professional eye. He liked that I had shaved my scrotum and trimmed back the “bush” from it’s natural state. He commented how he didn’t like “wings” of hair covering the groove where the upper thigh meets the pelvis. (I had been shaving this area smooth using the Seiko Trimmer and Cleancut Shaver and he seemed to be impressed that I had been doing this.) Because I had been using the Seiko Cleancut Shaver daily, he said that he could not be as effective as he would with someone who was ungroomed, but that he would try to do the best he could. This is the part of the treatment he referred to as “landscaping.” He said that his female employees were fine with waxing men’s backs and buttocks; however, none of them would do the front, since doing the front involves touching the penis (to position it and get it out of the way while waxing and trimming). He continued to work on grooming my front side. This involved waxing the inner part of the upper thighs adjacent to the scrotum and waxing the lower abdomen and “‘taint.” He said that you cannot wax the scrotum (which I had already assumed); you need to shave it or use a technique involving putting little balls of hot wax in the fingertips and then plucking the scrotum hairs by with the fingertips. (Scrotum hair must be somewhat longer for this to work.) He then used the straight-edge razor with the special toothed cover to thin the hair on the front part of my upper thighs and “blend” it in from the lower abdomen. He then trimmed and thinned the remaining “bush.” Next, he had me look in the mirror at the results. Upon looking in the mirror, I was a little shocked at the results. I have never had so little pubic hair, although from his perspective that was how it should be. Gone was the “top of the heart” shape I had nurtured and grown out since early November 2003. He did share my same philosophy that the hair on the lower abdomen should be left growing down to where the scrotum attaches to the abdomen, with a nice margin around the base of the penis. This allows the hair to frame the entire package. He had trimmed the remaining bush into a circular arch shape which was trimmed a little farther down the lower abdomen that I would have liked/was used to. My first thought as I scrutinized my private parts in the mirror was that I now looked like a male porn star! The stylist then left the room so that I could get dressed. After dressing, I went to the reception area and paid $50 for the entire waxing/pubic hair styling. This price seemed reasonable, since the day spa had charged me $45, just to wax my back.

A long time ago, someone mentioned on one of the PE boards that it would be great to have pubic hair stylists to take care of the grooming of our pubes. We fantasized that it would be some hot chick that would be doing the grooming. Well, the hot babe part of the fantasy is not going to come true, at least where I live. However, I have found that it is possible to turn pubic hair grooming and styling over to a professional.

Sorry for the length of this post. I felt like this was a unique experience worthy of sharing with the members of this board.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

I think it would be cool if women had professional bush stylists. I realize they have this, but what I mean is creating a sort of “bush wig”. Like a makeup artists that can professionally apply fake bush hair to a woman in any color (fire bush, blond bush, even pink bushes). Other things could also be applied such as glitter. Feel free to market this product to novelty stores if you want.

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As I mentioned in my inital post, the owner of the salon/stylist said that his female employees were fine with waxing men’s backs and buttocks; however, none of them would do the front, since doing the front involves touching the penis (to position it and get it out of the way while waxing and trimming). However, he does does all kinds of “Brazilian” waxes on women. There seems to be a typical female double standard in attitude here, women stylists won’t do the front of men, yet many females are fine with having a man wax their private parts. Go figure. He also mentioned that he waxes many local exotic dancers. He said that they have no problem with stripping naked and spreading their legs wide in anticipation of his wax treatments. He also said that most exotic dancers ask to have all pubic hair removed, or just leave a little tuft.

Based on my experiences, there seems to be a “pubic hair styling” underground where these services are performed. While pubic hair styling for women seems to be socially acceptable and freely advertised in the open, pubic hair styling for men is hidden from public view. You have to tap into the pubic hair styling underground to find the professionals that do it.

Incidentally, I actually looked up the laws in my State that regulate estheticians, cosmetologists and massage therapists. The regulations for these licensed professions defines as unlawful conduct:

massaging, touching, or applying any instrument or device by a licensee in the course of practicing or engaging in massage therapy/cosmetology/esthetics to:
(a) genitals or anus; and
(b) breasts of a female patron, except when a female patron requests breast massage, as may be further defined by division rule, and signs a written consent form, which must also include the signature of a parent or legal guardian if the patron is a minor, authorizing the procedure and outlining the reason for it before the procedure is performed.

Based on the legal definitions cited above, my waxing/pubic hair styling treatment was definitely against the law, hence the “underground” nature of these services.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Hey Guys.

Ive got a simple solution. Get the wife or g/f to do it.

Mine does!

Every few weeks, my wife waxes my back, butt, stomach and “styles” the pubes. BTW, I got her to try and wax my sack, man did that hurt. Plus it wasn’t very effective.

I give her a Brazilian, do her legs and under arms. Its amazing how uncontrollable I get when I taste that smooth pussy.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper in the long run to get laser permanent hair removal done by a dermatologist?


Permanent hair removal by laser does not work for everyone. If you’ve got dark hair and fair skin, no problem, but the lighter the hair colour and the darker the skin, the less effective the laser.

Ive also heard of a few horror stories about people getting 3rd degree burns from the laser.

Besides, as you continue to wax, the regrowth begins to thin out. My wife has been waxing her legs for about ten years (Yeah, I know its a long time) and she has virtually no regrowth at all.

Originally posted by Andrew69
Besides, as you continue to wax, the regrowth begins to thin out. My wife has been waxing her legs for about ten years (Yeah, I know its a long time) and she has virtually no regrowth at all.

Perhaps I need to try this waxing thing. What’s a good wax to use for the pubic area?

Hi J Meister,

Hmm, your story is great:) . All this time I’m wondering how could those porn start has a nice pubes:) ). So, do you think you could post some pics of the result??. Or maybe some ilustration pics if you shy:) . Well, I’ll wait for it. Take care


Where in the world are you based?. Im based in Australia and we use a product called “Nads”. Its all natural, great for sensitive skin and washes off in water. I don’t think Im actually supposed to mention them by name am I Mr Moderator? Anyway, do a Google search and you will turn up their website. Im not sure if they sell direct from their site.
Usual disclaimer applies, no connection, just a satisfied customer!

Speaking of which (not trying to hijack this thread but), Mr Moderator,how about a place where everyone could recommend their favorite business’ or services?

Your always welcome to put a link up as long as it directs to the topic at hand. The only thing that gets yanked is if it is a picture of a kid or goes to porn with penetration or things like that.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Oh I should have mentioned, whatever type of wax you buy,its going to hurt like hell if you wax the pubic area. I also believe that your not supposed to wax the scrotum (not sure why). I have tried once and lost skin. Ouch!!

I have also heard of a different type of wax (the name escapes me right now), that only grabs the hair and not the skin. Prior to applying the wax, you apply some sort of ointment (oil based I think) to prevent the wax sticking to the skin. I think that these types of waxes are generally know as hard wax as once they are hard (that is, once they cool), they may be removed with out the use of a strip.

Anybody contemplating this type of waxing, please find out from someone that really knows what the are talking about. There is, after all, a real chance of something going wrong (loss of skin, infection of hair follicles, etc) if done incorrectly.

You always seem to be asking for pictures! I don’t have a digital camera and even if I did I would think long and hard before posting any pics. Right now, it doesn’t look the best because I’m in a transition period from shaving to waxing. One week later, the spots where I used to shave regularly are starting to grow back. I’ve stopped shaving my upper thighs and lower abdomen. I’m growing it out so that the waxing of the pubic area will work better next time. The recommended interval for waxing is every six weeks. However, I continue to use the Seiko Cleancut shaver to keep my balls silky smooth.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit to the salon. I’m anticipating that the results will be even better when everything can be waxed. I can say this, having a perfectly smooth back and ass is sexy as hell! I catch myself admiring myself in the mirror on occasion!

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Hi there J Meister:) ,

whats up, sorry about the pic. Thats ok, I just thought that you seem to have a nice shaving shaped so I wanna see what is it looked like. I can’t figure it out from your words, better with pic. But thats ok since you don’t have a cam. Seeya, take care and enjoy your trip to that place:) .

Here’s a relevant thread from Twat’s News that confirms this growing trend of men seeking the services of professional pubic hair stylists:

How long should your nut hair be?

I have an appointment for another Back/Brazilian Wax next week at the same salon I went to the last time, as described in my initial post to this thread. I have been dutifully growing out all my body hair the past five weeks, except for my shaft and scrotum. I continue to keep these silky-smooth and hair-free by using my Seiko Cleancut shaver daily. I’m amazed at how quickly the hair has grown out on my lower abdomen, expecially in the crease where the upper thigh meets the lower abdomen—the dreaded “wings” that my stylist talked about. I’m looking forward to getting the full effect of the Brazilian waxing and seeing what it looks like. I’m not looking forward to any potential pain from this process, however. I’ll report back next week.

Just for grins, I called another salon in the area that frequently advertises Brazilian waxing for women. The woman who answered the phone (who had a fairly masculine-sounding voice) responded to my inquiry as to whether they did Brazilian waxing for men by saying “No, we don’t do men here. There is a women who works for D________ Salon that does men. I then called D__________ Salon. I again made my inquiry. The women who answered the phone said, “Stylist X used to do men; however, she had a lot of problems with men wanting more than just waxing. She only does bodybuilders now.” I assured her that I was only interested in the waxing, she then gave me Stylist X’s direct phone number. I then called Stylist X. Stylist X really sounded more like a man than a woman. I suspect that “she” is a transexual based on her voice and demeanor. She came across as very defensive and stated that if I tried anything funny, she would call the (police) Vice Squad immediately and have me arrested for solicitation. I reassured “her” that I was only interested in having my body waxed. I then inquired as to how much “she” charged. She responded, “$55.” By the end of the phone call, Stylist X had really creeped me out. For the time being, I will continue to go the original salon described in this thread.

This latest experience further corroborates the underground nature of these services for men. I have reached a preliminary conclusion that I would have to go to a big metropolitan city out of state to find a straight woman willing to perform these services on a man, as described in the link earlier in this post.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Had my wax appointment a week ago. This time, the results were fantastic! The process was much the same as I described in my initial post to this thread. I got my back, shoulders, back of the neck, upper arms, ass, butt crack,taint, anus and lower abdomen around my package waxed. Again, the stylist used the old-fashioned straight-edged razor with the toothed cover to thin out the hair on my upper thighs to transition from my groomed pubes and hair-free ass to the hair on my legs. He also used it on my stomach and abdomen to blend in the transition from chest hair to groomed pubic hair. This shaving technique is great because it removes part of the hair rather than clipping all the hair short like with clippers. The result is a much smoother feel to the hand, rather than the stubbly feel you get when hair clippers/beard trimmers are used. He also used this technique to thin the remaining pubic hair.

I showed my stylist the Seiko Cleancut shaver. I told him how I had continued to use it on my shaft and scrotum. He was very impressed with it and said that it shaved as close as a razor blade. Before I left the salon, he had me write down the name of the website where I purchased the Seiko Cleancut shaver, .

As far as pain, most of it didn’t hurt too bad. Waxing the back of the neck seemed to hurt the most, with the butt crack a close second. It took about 24 hours for the skin irritation from the waxing to subside. Most of the irritation was where the upper thighs meet the lower abdomen, undoubtedly from pants and underwear chafing while sitting. After that, the smooth, hair-free skin feels great to the touch.

I’m very pleased with the results. My dick and balls are framed by a perfect arch-shaped patch of hair, with smooth skin surrounding the pubic patch. It feels great to be stubble-free and liberated from the tedium of daily shaving to maintain the sculpted pubic patch of hair. This will be a real timesaver, since all I need to do now use my Seiko Cleancut shaver daily to keep shaft and balls silky smooth. Daily maintenance now takes only five minutes. If you think having a shaved scrotum is exhilirating, just try having your ass, butt crack, taint and anus waxed hair-free! It’s an exquisite sensation, almost beyond description. I find myself walking around naked as much as possible now, it looks and feels so great!

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

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