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Uneven Kegel

Uneven Kegel

When I do a kegel, my “Inner Penis” moves to the left.

If I put my finger at the point between my balls and anus the inner penis moves to the left and sort of pushes out slightly. This causes my penis to lean slightly to the RIGHT(Not curve just lean). From reading all the discussions on BC muscles I am thinking that this is because I have trained myself to use only use the left muscle.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of this problem. Also I was wondering what it is meant to feel like when you press the point between your balls and anus when doing a Kegel. Is it meant to push out slightly or pull in slightly.

I haven’t heard of that situation. If you don’t have your finger right on the middle it can feel like the muscle is only moving on one side. Unless you have some nerve damage (do you often ride a bicycle?) then it might be that you aren’t feeling in the right place. It would be rather difficult to unconsciously train only one side to contract. Most of the time BC contractions are automatic (as with ejaculation) and not under conscious control.

When I do a Kegel, my BC feels like it pushes out a bit as it contracts.

And - Welcome to Thunder’s Place! Congratuations on your first post.

Yes, it should throb outward just like your dick when you do a kegel. Keep doing them, they are good for you!

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