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Uneven corpora cavernousa

Uneven corpora cavernousa


I have a slightly bent penis (to the left) and that is because my left corpora cavernous tube doesn’t fill
With blood when erect as much as the right tube, which is quite a problem because it very much effects girth and girth gains in the same way
Because when I jelq, or clamp the right tube gets worked more than the left, and even when I’m flaccid(I’m a grower buy the way) I can feel
The difference if I press with my fingers, the left tube is thinner even when empty.

I did my homework and I know it’s not Peyronie’s disease BUT it’s the same concept but a far less severe case, I know it’s some kind of scar inside I’m not sure,
I theoretically consider my circumcision has a “big” hand in this, and that it is the cause for many other people since I don’t know many uncut guys with
This problem.

I know I’m not the only one in this state therefor maybe someone in here found a way to fix it already.
I’m waiting for feedback people, to PE-ers all over thunder’s I need your help !

CC just inflate, I think the problem is your tunica being shorter on a side. Fulcrum stretches should help on the long run, place the fulcrum against the longer side.

Interesting I had no idea that exercise existed thanks I will try it.

But still when I’m flaccid completely if I bend my penis upward until the upper half (half-point >> tip) is resting on the lower half (half-point >> base)
In a horizontal “Ushape” the right CC is visibly larger than the left CC ?

The explanation still stands IMO.

I have the same problem OP and am hoping that once i begin hanging things will start evening out down there. This is the sole reason why i am avoiding any girth work until i reach my length goal.

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

Are you circumcised ?

I am

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

BigGirtha.jr I have been wanting to ask this exact question. I am circumcised and my left CC is noticeably smaller both flaccid and erect, I have a slight left tilt/curve upwards. Not like a banana curve but it is noticeable.

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