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turkey neck question.

turkey neck question.

Seen a couple threads about this turkey neck thing and started to get a bit nervous. Is there a “wrong” way of jelqing that causes this and a “right” way so this doesn’t happen or is all this just like rolling dice, random?

[5/22/07 - BPEL( 7.875) - NBPEL ( 7.1875) - EG (4.75)] [8/22/07 - BPEL( 8.0) - NBPEL ( 7.5) - EG (4.875)]

[12/22/07 - BPEL( 8.1875) - NBPEL ( 7.625) - EG (4.875)] [4/22/08 - BPEL( 8.357) - NBPEL ( 7.75) - EG (5)]

Goal: To gain that evasive girth I so desperately need.

At first , I started getting a nice case of turkey neck, but in time, I “grew” into it. :D

I wouldnt worry to much, unless you have a serious case to begin with.

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