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Tunica question

Tunica question

How is one suppose to know whether or not they have a tough Tunica?

Hard girth gains. How do you know if you have a tough head? Wont crack against the sidewalk…

That makes absolutely no sense

Anyone else know how to determine whether or not you have a hard tunica

If you can’t make any gains, or they are extremely difficult to come by.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

I would think it would be length specific gain trouble.

It’s just a theory, but you could read up on the TGC Theory (link in my sig)

Of course it makes sense. If your tunica is tough, strong, non-elastic it will resist the pressure you place on it with PE. By resisting it it’s not going to give in, expand, you wont see results. If your head is hard, really hard, and you hit the sidewalk with it and nothing happens your head is hard because it didn’t crack. Analogies? I guess since I’m doing the GRE it’s how I function, that and House.

how do I stretch my Tunica?

And does a short bpfsl mean that I have a (tough)? Tunica?

Vets have any ideas?

Lampwick I see you on here man any advice, ha?

Everyone has a tough tunica. It has to be tough to do its job. Getting it to grow is the tricky part, and it’s not at all clear whether stronger tunicas are harder to grow than weaker ones. The only approach that makes sense is to do your PE exercises and see what happens.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

More pressure? I jelq pretty hard. Try doing the same? My ligs are really tough which makes length gains hard, so I just get more pull.

Thanks Modesto, much appreciated.

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