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Trying to pinpoint the issue

Trying to pinpoint the issue

Hi Everyone,

I’ve came to the reality that my lack of progress in PE is most likely down to my poor erection quality. I got my lab results back today of which were 23 nmol/l, I’ve translated to around 666 ng/dL. Although not a great level its better than I expected, I think I can tick the idea of a testosterone deficiency of the list as being the culprit.

Anotther key factors may be the use of porn for PE exercises, I can’t keep a decent erection without this aid, I’m supplementing with cialis to get me over this reboot period. Can I expect to regain my erections after say 6 months of detox ?

The final factor may be that of anxiety, I’m managing to come out for a 5 year struggle with anxiety/depression. I was really hung up on my size if though I’m statically above average ( BPEL 7.5x 5), this may be still effecting my confidence and feeling of masculinity which has effected my eq. I have never really had morning wood through my teenage years which is a concern.

Venous Leakage can be hopefully ruled out, my local urologist advised me if I could have intercourse with a woman it’s extremely unlikely I would have it.

I’m just overall asking what my next move should be, should I stop PE completely until I gain decent eq or continue ?

Proper training can improve your eq. Some men don’t get that response though, and could have worse eq. The best advice I can offer is to stop for a period and see if there’s a change for the better or worse, and react to what your body is telling you.

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