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New Men's Health Issue

New Men's Health Issue


I urge you to buy the new issue of Men’s Health Magazine, Feb. 2002 Issue.

It contains a cover story called ” Amazing Sex Tricks - More size, more sighs”

The tips listed there can be a major aide for us PE’ers, so pick one up and start reading. It’s some cool info…..

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


…what about those of uswho can’t get a hold of a copy ? (;

Men' Health Mag

This Mag comes to lots of news agencies shops in Sydney Aust, so it should be widely available in any big city. (Feb 2002 may not be here for a while)

Let me know if you really can’t get it, and I’ll see what I can do.

Where are you?

(Depending on the answer maybe someone closer can help too)


World Wide Mag

Men’s Health Magazine is world-wide available, or at least in any major western country. I know it is available in more than 38 languages, so, Penister, wherever you are, you should be able to get your hands on a copy.

You have a computer, right? You can read it all on the Net:

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


it says 8 surefire ways in the article summary. Care to summarize and list them? If not, maybe I’ll remeber to buy it when I go to get more wrapping paper (goddammit!). I used to have a free subscribtion to this mag and it’s actually pretty good. Best not to subscribe even though it saves money per issue cause they do tend to recycle alot of issues to make the mag. Better to flip through at the newsstand and buy if there is something of interest. You can read the free article on tits (oops…I mean breasts) online at the above link. Interesting about the difference in sensation and size. Maybe clits next. Thanx Uncut. groa

In Summary...

1) Don’t smoke 2)Vasectomy-cut down conception anxiety 3)No cheating-guilt kills erections 4) Lose weight 5)Don’t ram penis into hard objects (no shit) 6)exercise 7)Yawn…uh, O.K. Guess it has something to do with nitric oxide and neurochemical pathways. Wish they had greater detail. 8) get sleep to rejuvenate dick/nocturnal erections. Interesting stuff in the side box on erections. Bubbles in champagne speed the absorbtion of alchohol, cutting down test and penile bloodflow. I did not know that about bubbles! Since lady away for 2 days, gonna test this (side box info) at titty bar on non-carbonated mixed drinks and lap dances, as point #3 is little more than a pesky mosquito nipping at my conscience. Good article, but the MF’s at Men’s Health definately capitalized on the “More size” cover title/advertisment. I’m kinda surprised they did not recommend the P.C. exercises or something on nutritional aspects of sex/erections. BIG article on tits. Have a Merry XMas…gotta hit the icy roads soon. :) groa


I know it’s not a major source of detailed info on PE, or how to make your dick bigger, but I think it still can be an aide.

Cigarettes & alcohol are major erection killers, no doubt, but the question is, how much do you have to take of both in order for your cock to fail?

Anyway, I thought it might be of interest to some guys here.

Merry Christmas.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

It was certainly interesting to me!

I’d like to know the answer to your question, too. Probably different for different people and dependent on alot of other variables. I have noticed in the past that while intoxicated, I can still function eretionwise, but the time to reach orgasm is ridiculously long. Almost as if my cock “numbs-out” to a certain degree. On the bubble issue, I think alchohol definately effects bloodflow and testosterone after a few beers, but for me it seems to wear off pretty quick. Almost as if is a shock reaction to my system and then everything is back to normal. Then again, after a beer or two I almost always have a laid back, drowsy feeling which subsides by the time I’m into my third beer. Bud (the green kind) makes me very horny, likely because I think about sex alot and thinking while high makes thoughts seem just a bit more realistic. I have yet to reach my failure point due to alchohol or other amenities. groa

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