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Trouble with kegeling

Trouble with kegeling

I have been doing kegels as part of the newbie routine for a couple months now, and I haven’t noticed the slightest difference, so I went googling.

I found this

Which says that your abs, thighs, and glutes should be totally relaxed while kegeling.

I simply cannot do kegels without my abs tightening.

Does anyone else have this problem? And what should I do?

It is tough to give advice when you state that you simply cannot do kegels without your abs tightening. Best advice I can give is to try to replicate what you have to do when stopping a piss in mid-stream. Do not, however, do this in practice while pissing except maybe a couple of times to see how it feels. You should only feel your anus/rectum tensing and no other muscles. Hope that helps a bit but it is hard to describe.

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