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Trouble with Hanger

Trouble with Hanger

Sorry if this isn’t the best place to post this but I’m new and restricted.

OK, I’m not new to PE(5 plus years) but I am new to hanging. I bought a Bib Hanger, the starter model as recommended by the man himself. I’ve had the hanger for about a week or so and can’t get the hang of it. I’ve been doing lots of reading on the various forums and have found posts by people with similar problems but either the solution that worked for them doesn’t help me or there was no solution to their problems that they reported. So, having found nothing helpful, here I go.

I have tried different wrapping tightnesses and materials including the theraband. I have tried toe’ing in and out any other adjustments that I read about. My biggest problem seems to be that I am not able to tighten the hanger enough for it not to bunch the skin up behind the head and basically sit on the head when I apply weight- 2 - 5 lbs, doesn’t matter. I can’t get the “shoulders” to form that everyone talks about. Having said this, I realize that maybe I am not creating the shoulders because I cannot tighten the hanger enough because its simply too painful. Too me it just feels like its “crushing” my shaft. It hurts. Is it supposed to be painful to get this thing to work properly. I would expect it to be uncomfortable but if it actually just hurts like hell its not something people would want to do and there seems to be plenty of guys that report its not that bad and they reportedly get gains.

I realize there is not supposed to be any blood or at least very little, in the glans when you are attaching the hanger. Can there be a little blood in the corpus cavernosa? Is that how the shoulder are made when you pulse push?

Are you just supposed to tighten so much that the hanger just stays on by shear crushing pressure?

If I have some blood in the shaft portion when I attach it seems like it works but I keep reading this is a no no.

I’m getting frustrated with this thing and getting discouraged so any help would be appreciated.

I suppose you have tried tigthening again the hanger when the weight is off the floor?

If you’ve been PE’ing for 5 years, you should be more than conditioned enough for hanging. Hanging should not be painful, and it definitely shouldn’t hurt like hell, but it may be somewhat foreign and uncomfortable at first.

It sounds like maybe you need to spend more time on getting a comfortable wrap that works for you. I could never get the cloth and theraband to work, I tried some different materials, but I now use a layer of the soft athletic pre-wrap tape, and then a wrap of ace bandage. I also wrap more of the shaft than in usually recommended. It makes a soft compression area for me and it’s self adhesive. You can also try moving the hanger back towards to the base, or forward toward the head, different positions definitely can affect comfort. Also, it shouldn’t feel like “crushing” force, or pinching, you should feel it start to make a solid grip on the shaft as you tighten it down, like Marinera said, usually you need to tighten even further after the first couple minutes. You can also try tightening the bottom screws, making the gap at the bottom of the hanger smaller (or larger). It requires some experimenting to find what works for you.

The Bib starter is somewhat narrow and has less surface area to spread the pressure across the shaft than the regular model, which is wider and distributes the weight across a larger surface area.

There’s a lot of variables with hanging, and somewhat of a learning curve. Don’t worry about the weight at all for the next couple weeks, just stick with 2lbs or less and get the wrapping, hanger adjustments and positioning down to where it’s comfortable and then you can successfully start your hanging career.

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