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Trouble Finding Routine

Trouble Finding Routine

I just discovered that I have a LOT of 6, so now I must revamp my routine. I’ve also heard that ulis, horses, jelqs make the tunica tougher. Should I just concentrate on stretching to gain length before I go for girth? Or should I go for a routine that is more well rounded. I was thinking of doing girth Mon, Wed, Fri and length Tues, Thurs, Sat. Sunday would be a rest day. Doing a search on Tunica I discovered that alot of people use special devices like power jelqers, bib hangers etc to lengthen the tunica. I prefer manual stretching so how much time am I going to have to devote to elongate my tunica???


I am a newbie to this but I have had some great results with my routine. I might upset some people in here (I hope I don’t!), but the LOT theory is just that a THEORY. This PE thing is great but a lot of common sence must be used. I have gotten ALOT of great tips in this forum and tailored them to fit my personal needs and I suggest that everyone does the same. As for me I am looking to mainly gain girth, with length as a benifit. I begin with streching at all angles so I work the entire dick, tunich and ligs. In my mind this will give more area for the blood to flow into when I start my dryjelq. I throw in horses and ulis for good measure. So after all that, My suggestion is to concentrate on the entire thing and all will come along nicely. If Im dead wrong I will find out in a few more months. Good Luck!! and I hope this helps.

Gain Till She Bleeds

Thanks 2small, I appreciate the help.


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