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Totally weird: Making PE social - PE buddy in Phoenix, AZ


Originally Posted by aegi

If I ever did a group PE I would definitely want someone to moderate, preferably someone with extensive medical and psychological background. It might be helpful to have some input as to what I could be doing right or wrong. That’s really the best thing I could think of coming out of PE in a group.

I’m having a vision of Thunder at the front of a classroom full of naked jelqers. :D

Easy there sailor— been a long cruise?


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Originally Posted by WestLA-90069

I’m having a vision of Thunder at the front of a classroom full of naked jelqers. :D

It’s probably that recurring dream he has, the one he never speaks about.:D

Originally Posted by juke
Something about two dudes jelqing each other just seems a little…


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I bet if we had like a personal PE trainer, especially in the case of hanging, say someone like bib. Who came round to told you exactly what to do, giving the tips. He could make your technique amazing so quickly, instead of taking weeks or months to perfect it could take hours or less.

You know what, manual exercises do tire out my hands. I’m looking for someone to pull my dick for me, I will return the favor of course. Gloves are necessary though. Bring your girlfriend to help me with edging too. ;)

Circle jerk?

I wish I could hand my dick over to one of the big gainers out there and pay them to do the same stuff they did to their unit to my own. I would just “un-screw” my dick, give it to the guy and not worry about it for a whole year. Then, I would come back and collect my baseball bat!


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