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Totally weird: Making PE social - PE buddy in Phoenix, AZ


Totally weird: Making PE social - PE buddy in Phoenix, AZ

After running a few brisk searches, I didn’t find any talk here of anyone “buddying up” to become local PE workout partners or something. Probably because it sounds insanely weird and gay, but I think a social and chummy support aspect would help me stick with a routine (much like it helps with a “traditional” workout routine). It doesn’t even mean that you have to always PE together with said person, but even just having someone close by that you can talk to in person from time to time about PE would add to my motivation, I think. I might even go as far as to suggest a forum on here that would facilitate such a purpose. It’s a bit radical, I know. Probably won’t happen.

Let me be very clear about my intentions: purely platonic. While I will admit that I do have occasional bisexual tendencies, and the idea of “growing my penis” with someone else is mildly arousing, it is not the reason I am suggesting such an idea or posting this.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time for a personal ad! Anyone on here reading this happen to be in the Phoenix area?

Yeah, no thanks……I’m out.

Well I’m gay so the whole “it’s gay” angle doesn’t bother me at all. At the same time this is something that I really think should be done with intense concentration on the sensations you are feeling in your penis while the event is occurring, so doing it with a buddy isn’t something I’d really be up for either. I can see having a “PE buddy” as in someone that you hang out with and discuss it with, but I wouldn’t be up for doing it live with someone else.

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By “buddying up” you mean…

I have a couple of “PE buddies”. They are just friends from thunders that I chat to by email or PM to keep in touch and keep each other motivated. I know that Thunders has plenty of guys to talk to, but having a few close buddies to chat with about all kinds of stuff as well as PE has been really useful. It really has helped be stay motivated.

I have a friend online that I was talking to this about when I found out about PE. I told him I started doing it and and he ended up asking me about it a few weeks later if it worked or not and now he’s starting it. Having somebody to talk to it about is nice, but I don’t think I’d want to discuss that in person with anybody.

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Buddy system

I had a similar sort of idea, only keeping it online. It was more, buddying up the people, having an experienced guy help out with a newbie. Imagine having a personal PE trainer in real life, that would be.. Really helpful but extremely weird.

But as for jelqing in the same room as each other etc, you’d probably have to find a gay relationship to do that. Put yeah I guess it would be nice to know someone in real doing the same routine, you could push each other on, throw ideas off each other.

I’d prefer like a female servant to do my PE for me :(

Originally Posted by Audacia
Buddy system

I’d prefer like a female servant to do my PE for me :(

Me too!

Anyone want to go camping? :mwink:

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

I did this once when I first started pumping, before finding Thunders.
I wanted to get some information from someone that was experienced and had gotten results so I found someone local online.
I was only interested in learning some effective pumping methods and I thought I could learn more seeing what someone else was doing.. He said he had made gains from 6” to 8”, but I did not see evidence of that.

Now that I think about it it seems pretty weird.
I’m sure he was gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). He was some kind of photographer and he was showing me photos of guys that he had photographed. He said he shot one guy that had a 13” dick. Yeah right.

Anyway, we sat down and pumped together, and he explained what he was doing. It was all very clinical and technical.
I was so focused on learning that I did not get creeped out. I was a bit wary that he might try something, but he was cool.
We didn’t pump long, and then I packed up and left. I imagine he was expecting something to happen, but I was so indifferent and detached from any sexual implications that he probably got discouraged. Or maybe I wasn’t his type. Who knows?

I wouldn’t do it again. No point. It’s just too gay. Not that.. Well you know.

I have a close friendship with this one guy, and he’s straight. He knows I PE; I talk to him on the phone some during the exercises, isn’t too odd. It still gets frustrating trying to concentrate.

Having a PE trainer is a great idea! I’d still prefer it to be done over the phone, or webcam or email. :) I’d actually love to have someone with oober amounts of knowledge on the subject…besides Thunders. We love Thunders! ;)

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Something about two dudes jelqing each other just seems a little…

I don’t have a buddy system, per se, but a lot of my buddies and male family members know I PE and some of them PE so once in a while they’ll ask or I’ll ask how it’s going. It does motivate you if you’ve been slacking when someone checks up on you.

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Originally Posted by higherone

It does motivate you if you’ve been slacking when someone checks up on you.

Yep yep. :)

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