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Too much warm up injury

Too much warm up injury


Last night while warming up, I got kind of busy and my warm up turned into a 30 minute session. Maybe more. So, when I started my routine, my unit was very hot and very stretchy. I did one set (2 20 sec downward stretches, 1 20sec downward stretch to each side, 2 20sec upward stretches) and that was fine. But on my second set, after I had finished the 2 downward stretches and was onto my first stretch to the side, I felt a quick sharp pain in my right side shaft(was stretching left) and then I noticed I had a bit of blood on my stretching hand and red spots on the right side of my glans.
I have a feeling that maybe too much heat caused my unit to be able to stretch TOO much and this caused the complication. Is this possible?

Blood?! Yikes

Never heard of this little injury before from warming up too much, but it is something I’ll defintly watch out for now whenever I do a warm up. I actually in my first few months of PE in like the second or third month remember getting a little injury like what you have where pain shot from the base of the penis all the way up to the glans as soon as I would do a full stretch. I didn’t have any blood leaking out the urethra or any blood spots on the glans but I just took it easy and didn’t do any PE for like 3-5 days and then slowly eased back into stretching. I believe I got gains as soon as that little injury healed up and there was no more pain when I stretched out as well, you should check that when you fully heal. Also just to let you know if you don’t know, the blood spots on the glans sometimes are a good sign that you are working hard and gains are just around the corner when you take a rest day or two to let your dick fully heal. The funny thing is I’ve never heard of red/blood spots come from manual stretching, I think I only got them once from a nice jelqing session when I was a newbie to PE. Anyways, don’t worry to much and take it easy these next few days then start slow with the PE again like I said, also maybe do a warmup for a about 5-10 mins since you are a newbie right now then you can raise your warmup time if you like when you get more expierenced and condition your penis more from PE.

I’ve personally never heard of an injury from warming up too much. O well, I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Soy gringo, por favor perdone mis errores.


The warm up was with a rice sock. Usually I warm up for 5-10 minutes, but it ended up being 30 minutes.

I stretched just the same as always. One thing I noticed though, was that the pain didn’t feel like it was in the ligs. More like it was the CC’s that were pulled too far and over inflated maybe?

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