The perfect hot water warm up???

I recently thought up a way to use a water bottle for as a warm up device. Note: This is only for people who dont wrap their testicles when they wrap thier member for fear of creating an inhospitable environment for their tesicles.

Anyway…u should get a short water bottle(because the warm up should be done when ur limp)…I use a small water bottle that some university gave me….Take the lid off, fill up the bottle about 3/4th of the way with mildy warm/hot water (because when its on u, it feels alot more hot that a comparable hot towel warm up would feel), and sit down. Now, stick ur head into the bottle and ease urself in it…It will feel much more hot than a towel warmup wiill feel but it will subside after a while so stick w/ it….If its TOO hot(use common sense) then dont let it burn u….either let it cool off or pour it out and get some cooler water…anyway, once u have ur member in, pick up the bottle and press it into ur skin so that water totally surrounds the penis….before I do that pressing thing, I push my testicles into their little “tunnel” places in my body so that my sac is empty…..Thats it…..Water should be totally surrounding ur member up to the point where ur belly meets ur penis….Now just hold it there for five minitues, then take it out and now u can put in slightly warmer water for another 5 min….Then take that out and feel ur member and tell me that does not feel warmer than ur dick has ever felt before…:)