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To Jelq or Not To Jelq

To Jelq or Not To Jelq

Hello All,

Newbie here coming out of lurk mode with my first post. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and have started a routine of manual stretches. I’d like to add length to my BPEL of 5.5”, but I am already satisfied with my EG of 5 7/8”. I really have no desire to add to that.

From what I’ve read jelqing targets girth rather than length, so if I don’t want to add girth, should I skip jelqing altogether? Or is there a reason I’d want to do at least some anyway? Like, if I only do stretches and add length, could that possibly decrease my girth? I don’t want that either! :(

Thanks guys! :D

Nope! Jelq at lower erection levels, it will target length and very little girth, if any at all. Jelqing can definitely help make your erections stronger/harder, so I wouldn’t rule it out all together. Just try not to jelq at 70,80, or 90% erection levels and it should target length much better. Just keep stretching! You shouldn’t ever see a decrease in girth, but its normal to have different measurments every once and awhile.

Good luck Stout I wish you speedy length gains!

Thanks RandomGiant :)

Jelq. It is the most important exercise and just for overall penis health.

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I experienced that jelqing is actually helping you gaining girth, when I stopped jelqing (and just did the stretching) in Mai and June, I also stopped gaining in girth.

The penis shouldn’t be erected while jelqing, try to grip your staff with the index finger and thumb, if it’s not hard but rather lumpy/puffy and pointing down then
That’s the RIGHT semi erected state. When you then jelq you should feel (with your Ok-grip) that the dick is highly meaty but at the same time NOT hard.

That info will help you all:)

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I agree with Ares88. Jelqing should be a staple in every routine. Stretching accompanied with jelqing brings more results than stretching alone.

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Thanks all for the replies. I will add jelqing to my routine, though probably at lower erection levels to target length more than girth.

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