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Dry Vs. Wet Jelq

Dry Vs. Wet Jelq


I’ve been gone for a while. I started PE last year around this time and went until sometimes in Feb and stopped for some reason I don’t remember. Anyways, upon coming back I’ve seen a reap of new information that has been updated and that’s great. Anyways that’s not the point of the post.

Dry Vs. Wet Jelq.

I was very curious upon reading, in my opinion, an increase in the amount of people now doing dry jelq since the last time I was here. I started doing PE again about two weeks ago, during the first two weeks I used the Wet Jelq method as I have in the past. I started reading even more of the forums and noticed a lot of comments about dry jelq so I thought for a while I would try it.

The Wet Jelq.

First off I want to start with Wet Jelq. During my second attempt (and my last, as I’ve become another one of those ‘damn I regret stopping’ people here) the whole experience was like the first, same reactions and whatnot. The time to for me to see visible improvements of my penis was about the same as my first attempt and didn’t think much of it.

The Dry Jelq.

I only just started the dry jelq this week, and my thoughts on it so far? WHOA! Now at first it’s rather sore for my skin, but the more I did it, the less my skin was bothered by it.

Anyways the reason why I say ‘whoa!’ was because since I started it I’ve seen a rather big increase in my flaccid penis appearance, not only that I’ve actually experienced ‘Morning wood’, which if you ask me when I did Wet Jelq I never really got. It seemed like the only time I ever got it when was when I wasn’t PEing and doing Dry Jelq. I should also note that when I do dry jelq, I start from a flaccid state and my erect state never really gets past 45%. During my wet jelq its usually a higher level more in the range of 60-75%

Now my questions. What is it that makes Dry Jelq so different from wet? Could it be more contributed to the lower jelq erection level that I’m actually getting morning wood now and what appears like a much larger flaccid hang?

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Based on my experiences I must concur with your intial observations. However it seems to be much, much easier to overdo the pressure and cause bruising that can take up to a week to clear, and I tend to avoid any PE during that time to let it heal. At this point I don’t want to risk significant splotchy discoloration for gains…I want to work up to being able to fully dry jelq for 10 minutes or so without risking it too much.


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Hi guys.

I preferred dry jelqs from the beginning on, because I don’t like the mess with the lube (with the exception of anal sex).

Dry works better of course because the grip is much better (more friction).

Skin / dick conditioning is required for any kind of pe exercises so that is not astonishing.

What I also like about dry jelqing is that it can be done anywhere: in the restroom at work, in bed while gf’s asleep.

Later - ttt

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