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Tight Skin Around Penis Head

Tight Skin Around Penis Head

Hey what’s up everyone?

I have a really tight skin around the head of my penis. It physically hurts if the head of my penis moves out of my skin. I’m not sure but I’m guessing I’m uncut (how do you tell?). Sorry for being such an idiot, but any advice?

thats phimosis

Hi newbie69, I can really relate to what you are saying as I had (still have a little) a similar condition.
The medical term is phimosis. This is when the part where your inner skin joins with your outer skin (yes you are uncut or you wouldnt have skin covering your head) is or becomes tighter creating a phimotic ring.
The sure-shot way to get rid of it is to get cut (circumcised). You could also get a dorsal slit, I dont know much about this but it doesnt seem like a good idea to me. There is other alternative, read on…
My phimotic ring was (still is) not very tight, I can expose my glans with no pain but with some disconfort. I also had a short frenulum so I got a frenuloplasty, now I can expose my head completely, before this I would still have a v-shaped section of skin covering the underside of the head starting at my piss hole when I pulled the skin back.
Anyway, the alternative I was speaking of is a treatment with betametasone cream, I tried it and it seemed to be working, but you should be very careful with it becouse it contains corticoids and will make your skin thinner and your defenses drop. I used it for about two weeks and I had to get a restoring cream after that, dont make this mistake!
By all means go see an urologist, and I recomend you dont PE until you are better informed about it all. My urologist didnt know about this betametasone deal, so he inmediately suggested a circumcision. I wouldnt go for it, so he gave me the frenuloplasty and partly solved my problem. Im not so happy about the results anyway.
I will start again using betametasone and stretching the skin manually, if you dont want to get cut this could be for you also.
Here is a link that I found most useful when doing my research……rum1/index.html

Its also a forum, it helped me decide what to do.

Check this also to see if you want a circumsision, but be aware that there are plenty of sites out there both against and for circumsision.

There is also a counterpart to this site called “anticirclist”, dont know the URL for that but you should be able to find it easily.

Well, Im glad to be of some help since I cant help anyone with PE yet couse Im so new at it.

So, SEE AN UROLOGIST, do your research homework and send me a message so we can comment further.

Good luck


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