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Only head of penis growing

Only head of penis growing

I have been jelqing for about 7 months and these are the only things I’ve noticed -

- Harder erections from the kegels
- Longer hang when flaccid
- Maybe overall penis is a little larger, probably because of the kegels able to push more blood into it
- Penis head has definitely grown

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed a growth in their penis head before the rest of their penis got bigger?

My current size bone pressed is 6” x 4.75” but non bone pressed it’s 5.75 and no I’m not fat so I don’t need to lose weight.

The main reason I want to keep going is because I want regular size condoms like Trojan Ecstasy to fit tighter, because regular size condoms have some baggage and I feel insecure wearing the tight fit condoms. Because what if I don’t have any but she has a regular size and it gets a little baggy and comes off after awhile? How embarrassing.

My routine:

5-10 minutes of warmup with heating blanket
5-10 minutes of tunica stretching and little lig stretching since I don’t get pullback pulling down or even strait out when kegeling
10-20 minutes of wet jelqing (lately 20 minutes)
Sometimes during the jelqing I do some horse squeezes and Ulis to try to get some girth
5-10 minutes of warm-down with heating blanket
Kegels if I have time, or else ill do them randomly throughout the day or at night in bed before I sleep

Do this every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, taking Friday Saturday and Sunday off

Schedule has changed every few months or so depending on my class schedule and when my roommate will be out of the room for more than 1 hour

I routinely have spotting, every few days depending on how good a routine it was. My penis head gets like rock hard when I’m jelqing. Sometimes I feel like if I would jelq any harder the head would explode. If I have to masturbate after a workout session my penis will ache, sometimes worse than other times. It especially ached back when I used to do lig stretches all the time.

Is head growth finally a sign of things to come? Do I need to change my routine? Any tips or changes I should make in my routine? It’s been like this for a long time.


Well, congratulations on your gains! Other than that, I have no idea and nothing helpful to add, sorry. Well, I could say that the aching you’re describing is a bit worrying. And if you’re seven months in and all you’ve noticed is a larger head, without any other type of gains, then I’d personally mix it up and try some new things. Maybe get more into the higher erection exercises like horses and ulis and bends. But that’s just me. Good luck!

Thanks! Yes back when I used to do lig stretches, there were sharp acute pains on some days out of nowhere. At the ligs. Now I still get aching, and I’m surprised that I never read about this on here. If I jelq then masturbate my penis is just very sore and feels blue and it turtles. I don’t know why my dick is the only one that does this.

And that’s a good idea Ill start erect exercises. Sometimes when I can’t get it down I jelq at full erection anyways so I think I’m a little conditioned to it already.


You are pulling too much. It’s not force that will make your penis longer but TIME under load.

I suggest to change something in your routine also, maybe dry-jelqs instead than wets.

Originally Posted by marinera
You are pulling too much. It’s not force that will make your penis longer but TIME under load.

I suggest to change something in your routine also, maybe dry-jelqs instead than wets.

Dry jelqing isn’t really an option since I’m circumcised and I’ve tried it before and it just stretches the skin too much. And you’re saying that I should put in more time and less force when I jelq? Should I go for 30 minutes?

Dry-jelq are done using your skin as it was a lubricant, so being you cut doesn’t make it impossible to do them. If you have not clear how to do them, see the video we have here.

I don’t know how much force you apply when jelqing, but definitely you are using too much force when stretching, basing on what you wrote. Here you are the best description on how to do manual stretches:
firegoat - Length Gains

Until you get your size up to where you want it, you may want to try lifestyle condoms, I recently bought the ones labelled “Natural Feeling”, they seem shorter and a little more narrow than average I think, even other lifestyle condom types, if they fit you OK then you dont have to buy the “tight fit” kind. About your glans gains, thats awesome, lots of guys will be jealous of that, keep it up, after 7 months you may want to add in an ADS, clamping and pumping.

2010.02: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-1/2" Beg

2010.06: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-3/4" Beg

Thanks Ill try that. Anyone else notice this?

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