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Tight Foreskin

Tight Foreskin

hi there, been toying with pe for about 3 months. have done well with kegels and my pc muscle, put seen no erect gains, only flacid.

why question has to do with my foreskin, although there is no problem with unholstering my weapons, my foreskin cant pull back all the way. thus i have a little build up of unstrecthed skin. i was wondering if anyone else has this problem and if it has effected there gains to. also if there is any excersises they do to stretch there frenlum inparticular. not sure if its the right section to post in.

any input would be apreciated.

By all the way what do you mean? When erect and fully retracted mine is still a little loose on the top, basically it pulls back to the point that its fully stretched underneath. This is normal, is it what you are talking about?

I do a fair amount of skin stretching. As my glans increase in size I have to stretch that area to provide a better fit and full coverage. I also stretch the shaft skin to allow dry jelqing of the full shaft without pulling the base skin overly.

i cant pull minr back, period. the furthest i can pull it back is so it has a diameter of less than a centimeter of the “actual dick” ie not the skin. hasnt affected me one bit.


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by memento
[B]By all the way what do you mean? When erect and fully retracted mine is still a little loose on the top, basically it pulls back to the point that its fully stretched underneath.

Dont think its the same prob ive got, mine feels as thought there is still some skin to be strecthed into. when i pull my skin back to nearly its full strecthed length, its begins to feel tight around my fenulum. also what are the skin strecthing excersises you prerform, do you think any of these might be useful to me.

Think SJA understood what you are talking about better, my description was far from useful.

Where is this extra skin when you fully retract to the point that the frenulum becomes tight?

What I was talking about was that the inner section of the prepuce is loose even when retracted to the point that the frenulum is tight. This makes sense, the glans need to be accommodated.

In terms of stretching the skin, I stretch the inner prepuce with the thumb and forefinger of each hand. I had to to this because enlargement of the glans meant that the prepuce no longer covered the glans. I also stretch the shaft skin with a grip at behind the glans and a further grip 1/3 up the shaft which I pull toward the root. I do this during my warm wraps. This stretch is useful to avoid the turkey neck effect where the scrotum is pulled up into the shaft as the penis grows (the scrotum provides no resistance to stretching so if uncontrolled skin stretch is likely to occur in the shaft skin above the scrotum).

The extra skin is about 3/4 of an inch below the bottom of my bellend. My skin pulls back to the point were my frenulum alows and then wont go back anymore. Is there anything i can do to stretch my frenulum. Its not a problem for me in anyway, but i’d just like to be able to retract my foreskin fully.

If you mean that its a little wrinkled and loose over about 3/4” from the glans down i.e. the revealed inner foreskin is loose around the top and more wrinkled and loose on the sides (covering a lesser area of the shaft) this is the design of the penis, its supposed to work that way.

Sorry for being dense here if this is not what you are describing

I know what your saying about the loose skin being there by default through the way the penis is designed, but from looking at other penises, i seem to have more extra skin them most other guys.

The skin pretty much stretches to accomodate the shape of your penis. Maybe you have large glans in comparison to some other people you’ve seen.

PE allows you to reshape your penis in lots of ways, you could stretch the skin back holding the glans with one hand and pulling back on the retracted foreskin with a grip high up the shaft. If you feel the sting of stretching skin you are on the right track (best to moisturise well to minimise chances of stretch marks).

There’s always a bit of variation.

Check your PM’s

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i would also like to here from other pe’ers who have foreskin problems and how its affected there gains and such.

I’m uncut and I’ve noticed that wet Jelqing has increased the amount of foreskin. Although I don’t like this side effect it might help in your case.

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