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Well,first,hello to everyone.
I’m 18 yrs old, for 4 months I just started my sexual life with my girlfriend. As I saw I’m not fulfilling my girlfriends ‘needs’,when we are in the act I don’t see her saying anything that makes her cum and I don’t know if she goes to orgasm, I hear just a quiet “ah.ah” nowhere near as in porn movies when the guy puts his big dick inside the girl and screams like hell. So I asked her if it’s all right, she said “yes,it’s fine”,but I think she just don’t want to hurt my pride.

So I tried to find the answer and is simple: I don’t have a big dick, plus I got foreskin.
I am just 5,5’ inch. So I searched Google and discovered this forum at the section “before and after with with improvements pics”,first time when I’m glad to see other man’s penises,loll.

So I have some question problems:
- Is there any good PE routine for foreskin or I just start with the regulary? Does PE work if you have foreskin? Or I stick with the regulary routine?
- Sometimes in the act my penis lose erection if my foreskin goes down. How can I.let’s say ‘CUT’ my foreskin, or any other solution so I lose my foreskin?
- Becouse of foreskin, in the act, sometimes I cum in about 2 to 4 minutes. And regulary about 8 minutes, so I need to improve my ‘health metter’ with kegel exercises,it’s all ok, but my foreskin makes my penis more sensitive. So again,any solution to lose my foreskin or to make him my “ally” ?

Thank you.

Porn is a terrible depiction of sex. Its what Die Hard movies are to actual police work lol.. A complete fantasy/ dramatization.

I never had a problem with foreskin. When stretching, pull the skin back and grip behind the head. With jelqs, foreskin actually helps if you want to do dry jelqs. If you are ejaculating from PE, maybe you are doing it wrong, or maybe you are too sensitive. There are a few things on here that help with sensitivity, I believe under “edging”.. I’m not sure what else can help it, but there should be a few other resources available on this site if you search.

Porn distorts the youth’s perception of sex. Porn is only for entertainment, it’s not supposed to be representative of sex in real life. Going about sex like a porn movie with leave your girl disappointed, so maybe there’s your problem? Foreplay is essential to a hot steamy session.

My current girlfriend goes completely silent as she orgasms. Also most American girls I’ve been around are fascinated by me not being cut and spend extra time.. Experimenting and playing with it. Nice bonus, if you ask me.

To address your concerns about having parents who didn’t want to cut off your dickskin when you were little:
1. It’s no different. Much, much easier to dry jelq. For stretching roll back the skin and grip behind the glans.
2. I don’t even know what you mean. There are 2 possible reasons: you’re not used to having your foreskin rolled down, or your glans is too sensitive. I used to be in this position, and all I can say it that you need to toughen up your glans.
3. It’s not the foreskin that’s the problem. Practice masturbating for extended periods (20+ minutes) without porn. Toughen up your glans a little. You’ll get it.

I know it’s frustrating and I went through all but that 2nd one in my younger years. Once you realize it’s not your foreskin that’s holding you back you’ll be fucking like a bull in no time (meaning a few weeks).


Something not physical at all: what about communication during sex?
I mean it is already great to have sex and have a girl and getting laid and wow! - you probably know what I mean.

But start to communicate DURING sex. That is so much of a big turn-on for both.
Ask her if whatever you do feels good or if (and change from caress to slight sucking) this feels even better.
Find out what gets her really going.

And tell her too what you like and (in case of a hasty dick) what you would like to have done slower or faster, more or less intense.
It is like in most parts of life: you can only get what you specifically are asking for.
No partner in bed has a crystal ball reading your mind, usually they are quite busy reading their own mind with all these fantastic emotions right then :-)

And finally, a nice thing you should try in my opinion:
Give Her the Big O

Reads good, sounds good, feels good and especially makes her feel good.

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Most people in porn are making loud noises because they are getting by a strange man that calls them bitch. They are probably tense, not turned on and or properly lubed.

From my limited experience, most people when they are enjoying themselves get lost in their own emotions. When you are fucking her, she is probably a world away. Some may make a noise when they are getting ploughed by you, some may not.

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