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Tight cut

Tight cut

Due to a lousy circumcision, I’ve got a pretty ugly penis. My scrotum is small and I’ve got a condition called a “hairy shaft” because scrotum skin was pulled up the penis during the cutting. I fight this all the time with tweezers :S Size isn’t that bad.. I’m about 6.5” BPEL and around 5.3” EG but scrotum skin hanging from halfway down the shaft makes it look much smaller. Plus when it’s cold my balls retract so I almost looks as though I have no balls at all.

Does anyone have similar problems and the means to end it?

Apart from size Johnson should be pretty too :P

Warm up your scrotum, in the shower jelq your balls. Get them to hang lower, won’t make them bigger but they will hang lower.

Gensing is the only substance on earth that I know that will increase testicle size. Read it in a Prevention magazine several years back on the subject matter of ED.

I use to take gensing for ed my balls are pretty big, could be the gensing, I don’t know.

There is no such thing as an ugly penis.

Don’t use the tweesers, soften the hair with hair conditioner, apply wait ten minutes,dry the conditoner off trim your penis with an electic razor or safety razor. It will grow back but it does not hurt like tweezers do.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

There is another member who dealt with this recently. He chose a procedure called, if I recall correctly, scrotal web resection & reconstruction. If you search the forum and the internet I am sure you will find some information.

Many guys here report “turkey neck” with penis enlargement; i.e., the point from which the scrotum begins moves further from the body as the penis is stretched, but mostly not extreme enough to warrant surgery.

Thanx guys! It’s not the size of my balls, but scrotum. I’ll try to jelq them lower in the shower see what happens.
I pluck the hairs so much that I no longer feel pain from depilation so I’m sticking to it for now.
I looked up the surgery, and although it does look scary I is a valid solution. It removes the web effect and the hairy shaft as well.

I also feel that because of the tight cut I don’t have enough skin for gains. Maybe it will sort it self out as I PE. I’ve been PEing regularly for 2 weeks now, with flaccid gains only. I PE on and off for a while now but usually for a month max and I loose interest for lack of results. I just recently found this forum and it gave me some encouragement to try again.

Anyway thanks guys, much appreciated!

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