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too tight and head is blue, not tight enough and it slips

too tight and head is blue, not tight enough and it slips

I’m having more trouble with the Bib. I moved up to 12.5 lbs, feeling that I was ready for it, having been at 10 lbs for 13 days and hanging that weight comfortably. I felt I needed to move up because I was not getting enough fatigue. (I really still don’t know what it feels like to be fatigued, don’t think I ever have been)

I came out of hanging today with the bluest head I’ve ever had. I think I tightened the hanger too much. The second set I loosened it, and the hanger started to fall over the head and apply pressure on it. I can’t get it to a point in between too tight and too loose! Do you think this is because I need to stick to 10 lbs for longer or what?

I remember one of the positives of the chicken choker being that it doesn’t really require you to determine the right amount of tightness, it just does it naturally. Should I try building that thing? I’m really not satisfied with the ease of use of the Bib. I don’t mean to nag but the reason I spent 150 on a device was because I am not mechanically inclined, but I’m doing more mechanical work on this Bib than I am on any of the devices I’ve built myself. There are just so many margins for error it’s frustrating.



my erection strength is also at an all time low. I’m getting depressed with my hanging efforts, between twisting and problems with my glans with hanging I’m starting to wonder if hanging is right for me



I just recieved my Bib and I haven’t started hanging yet, but I think if it is getting you down, take a break from it for a while. Nothing worse for PE then having negative thoughts. Go back to a routine that works really well for you and start feeling good about the process and your erection strength should benefit.

I can tell the Bib will take a lot of tinkering to get everything right. Let it rest for a while and come back to it when all systems are back to 100%.

Hanger tightness and setting are tricky to figure out…..just keep adjusting until you get it right.

No need to get depressed though. Have you emailed BIB? I’m sure he would be more than happy to help you.

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Don’t get discouraged yet.
You wrote you were at 10lbs. comfortably.
I suggest you move up to 11 lbs.
Two and a half pounds is a big jump.

Try these settings:

1/2” of thread between both hex nuts.


Don’t wrap too tight - just snug.
Squeeze head before tightening, and while tightening.

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Are you hanging toe out or toe in? Hanging toe out will apply more pressure to the base and will cause less slippage.

How mechanically inclined do you have to be to build the CCH3?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

My settings are currently 1/2” between the hex nuts. Is this toe in or toe out?

“How mechanically inclined do you have to be to build the CCH3?”

I dunno can you tell me though? lol :)

I guess I’m not horrible with mechanics but it’s just the Bib is so complex with so many settings (which I guess really is a good thing in the long run) that I get frustrated.

I’m trying again today, with an adjusted attitude.

Thanks guys



still blue after the first set, trying the hex nuts much closer together



A discolored glans coinciding with erectile difficulties points more to an over-stressed unit than a problem with your settings.

Unless your wrapping technique is too tight the culprit is likely the increased weight because the only way with a decent hanger that you can suffer circulation shutdown is if the veins and capillaries supplying blood to your glans are stretched/thinned to the point where blood flow is not possible.
This occurs because these soft tissue supply lines are not conditioned for the weight being applied to them.

If you weren’t having these problems with your lower weight I suggest you move back down and concentrate on conditioning for the time being. Increase your sets, not your weight.

13 days and you’re already at 12.5 lbs and you have the bluest glans you’ve ever had - Sounds to me like you are in a race to see how fast you can injure yourself.

Only make slight adjustments to the hex nuts.
That means one or two turns of the nuts. That’s all.

1) Go back to the 1/2” settings.
Then move the top nut IN one full turn - thus making it slightly narrower.
These small adjustments will make a big difference.

2) Make sure you are totally flaccid.

3) Apply heat to groin area for 10 minutes.

Now you are ready to start.

4) Wrap snugly. As a test, you should be able to urinate normally with your wrap on.

5) Stretch out penis and squeeze head.

6) Attach hanger and tighten. Don’t allow blood flow back into head. Don’t be afraid to really clamp down
on your penis. As long as you have squeezed the blood from the head you should have nothing to worry about.

Bib’s Instructions:

Place the shaft of your penis in the shaft well, close the hanger, and estimate the amount of gap needed on the bottom. The bottom gap should be equal to or slightly greater than the top gap.

Toe-in: the hanger is adjusted such that its front end—the end closer to the head of your penis—is narrower than its back end.
Toe-out: the hanger is adjusted such that its front end is wider than its back end.
Be careful not to toe-in the hanger too much. The hanger is more likely to slip off when toed-in excessively.

Tightness. The hanger should be tight enough to avoid slippage.

As noted before, when tightened correctly, the gap on top should be equal to or slightly less than the gap on the bottom. This places the greatest amount of pressure high on the sides of the shaft on the two major chambers of the penis, the corpora cavernosa. This is important with respect to both safety and comfort.

Have patience and read the Bib’s product guide on his website.
I’ve been hanging for 6 months now and I still learn new things and understand the hanger after reading the product guide every once in a while.

Good luck,

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Beat you by 2.1 seconds, Mr. Ramrod.


And another thing,

the title of this thread “too tight and head is blue, not tight enough and it slips”

tells me you think if your hanger is too tight that makes your head blue.


Remember, get the blood out of the head before tightening. If you do it right, you’ll feel it rush out when you squeeze.

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