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This just isn't working


This just isn't working

So admittedly I had made some mistakes when I first started PEing aka I was using and extender too much jelqing too hard ect.

I stopped with the extender because it just seemed like it wasn’t doing a darn thing and was hurting my guy more than helping. I searched/read through a lot of things and have been sticking to the newbie routine. Some days I will do a modified version ( just a very quick on so at least I get SOME jelqs in when time is an issue.)

Here have been my results. I am STILL about 6.75 in length and around 4.75 to 5 around. I don’t consider myself THAT small although I’m very unhappy with where I am. The weird ugly part is RIGHT at the base of my penis it got just the slightest bit thicker but not the rest of my penis.. What could have caused this.

I would like to make some changes and learn some new things I want to hear all of your successful routines and see where to go from there time is a major factor but I know I have to make time for what I want. 1 big thing even if I didn’t get that much loner I would much like to be thicker ( both would be great of course) My dream size would be that 8x6.

My last question is I have a problem with how long I last or lack there of.. I have been doing a lot of kegs. And can sometimes stop myself from cumming it kind of just slowly comes out and I still get soft is there ANYTHING else I can do this is getting very annoying.

When you started the newbie routine?

How long have you been doing PE. You can’t expect instant results it takes a long time. Kinda like you wouldn’t expect a six pack from doing a week of sit ups.

Been Doing it for almost 4 months now

It’s probable that the reasn yosur base gets thicker is that it is nearer to your belly and the fat pad. So it is possible you have pulled some fat into the area.

There is no scientific base for this . Just a thought.

It is possible the extender was inhibiting your gains. So a week or two off, to allow your penis to normalise might be worth while.

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Concentrate on consistency and your form.

Well I’m 5’10 140lbs I don’t really have much fat of any kind on my whole body. I was thinking that same thing except for my total lack of fat anywhere . Ill take a little time off and see what happens I guess looks like Ill never be at that 8x6

Originally Posted by airic
I guess looks like Ill never be at that 8x6

That attitude is going to help you zero.

You need to become more positive and make absolutely sure that you’re consistent and using correct form.

But change your attitude to a positive one pronto.

May 21 2009 BPEL: 6.75' EG: 5.5'

Goal BPEL: 8' EG: 6'

Why did you choose an extender as one of your beginning tools? Just curious.



I choose the extender because I have no privacy at home brother or roommate always walking around I don’t always have time for a routine. So I put the extender on and would watch a movie with the covers on nobody ever knew it was there.

Maybe you should set a more realistic short term goal. Like 7x5.

I would be perfectly happy with 7x5 I just want to see SOME gains give me SOME hope at least. And through surfing on here once I get to the length that I want I was reading up on clamping does that stop your length gains I saw a few people ask that and maybe I skipped over the answer but I didn’t really see one. I am nowhere near ready for clamping just a question.

What extender were you using?

Well I started with some knock off 40 dollar thing then the Jes extender which was a total waste of money I don’t even use it anymore.

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